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Skopelos belongs to the Northern Sporades cluster. It is considered the greenest island in the Aegean since Skopelos is covered by 80% of pine forests. In addition to its natural beauty, Skopelos has also a cultural heritage. It is an island with many traditions and customs as well as various legends. Skopelos has a strong cultural character and several muzeylər present it.


vakratsa köşk skopelos, muzey skopelos, mədəniyyət mərkəzi, sənət sərgisiVakratsa Mansion is located in the neighborhood of Agios Michael in Skopelos Chora just above the beach. The mansion itself was donated by Antigoni Vakratsa of the Vakratsa – Rembaki family in 1995 to the municipality of Skopelos with the ultimate goal of becoming a museum. As it happened in the year 2001. A visit to this museum is an enjoyable time journey.

The Vakratsa Mansion is a typical three-storey mansion of the last century. Specifically, it is an 18th-century house that absolutely illustrates that time. The mansion belonged to the scholar, Senator, and Member of Parliament Stamatis Vakratsa. Particularly impressive is the backyard of the house with the palm tree dominating in the middle.


The Vakratsa family donated not only their home but also its rich content. You will have the opportunity to admire the valuable heirlooms and personal belongings of the Vakratsa family such as carved handmade furniture, priceless paintings, traditional women’s costumes, rare books, embroidery, embroidery, porcelain, household utensils, and more.

vakratsa köşk skopelos, muzey skopelos, mədəniyyət mərkəzi, sənət sərgisi

Həkim, senator Stamatis Vakratsas'ın bu evdə dövrün böyük şəxsiyyətlərini çağırdığı deyilir. Yeməkdə vacib siyasi mübahisələr baş verdi otaq of the Mansion, involving Eleftherios Venizelos, General Velissarios, and even Nicolas Plastiras. Great intellectual scholars such as Kostis Palamas and Alexander Papadiamantis have also visited the mansion.

Well, the description that perfectly matches the Vakratsa Mansion is a cultural center.

Moreover, in the Vakrasa mansion still are the medical instruments and diplomas of the doctor Stamatis Vakratsas and his daughter of Antigoni Vakratsa, also a doctor. In fact, Antigoni Vakratsas was an active member of Alexander Fleming’s famous team. Mr. Fleming is famous worldwide since the discovery of penicillin.

vakratsa malikanə skopelos, muzey skopelos


vakratsa malikanə skopelos, muzey skopelos

Vakratsa Mansion is much more than a Museum. It is a culture center. In fact, the Municipality of Skopelos makes full use of the area, as various cultural events often take place there. Book presentations, painting exhibitions, art exhibitions, guided tours, and much more. One year, in the framework of the 5th Festival of Traditional Dances “Diamantis Palaiologos”, he hosted the Playmobil collection of local costumes by Petros Kaminiotis, since the traditional bridal costume was prominent.

To conclude, one of the must-see in Skopelos is the Vakratsa Mansion.



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