Kalispera A La Carte Şam yeməyi restoranı (Adrina Resort və Spa Otel)

Skopelos, Yunan, Aralıq dənizi, Təzə Balıq
Adrina Otel Skopelosadrinahotelsskopelosadrinahotellər
Orta telefon: + 30 24240 23373

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Kalispera yeməyində restoran, you will experience a delightful dining experience. In fact, in the evenings Kalimera restoran (səhər yeməyi verildiyi yer) Kalispera A La Carte Yeməyinə çevrilir restoran. Kalispera restoran features delicious quality dishes with the freshest ingredients.

Furthermore, at A La Carte Dinner restoran you will enjoy a magical dinner. Since there are delicious dishes, expert professional staff as well an impressive variety of good wine labels. Moreover, the idyllic views of the sea and the crystal-clear pool will provide you with extra satisfaction.

The restoran Şirkətin Panormos beşulduzlu otel Adrina İstirahət və Spa. Harada Adrina Otellər are synonymous with quality and excellent service. The owners (Rodopoulos Family) are willing to satisfy all of your needs in combination with the natural beauty of the landscape to create the absolutely perfect summer environment. Specifically, the Kalispera A La Carte Dinner restoran lüks bir şam yeməyi təklif edir.

On the menu, there are excellent salads, delicious appetizers, fresh fish, a variety of pasta  (with citrus scraps, fresh Mediterranean vegetables, wild mushrooms, and truffle oil), and risotto (summer, with prosciutto, with shrimps) as well as amazing rib-eye and spicy pizzas.

The restoranİxtisası Skorpinomakaronada (təzə əqrəb balığı olan spagetti).

Adrina Resort and Spa, on Skopelos Island, takes over also receptions, private dinners, wedding parties, and other events.

The hill lift conveniently stops at the level of Kalispera A La Carte Dinner restoran.


Panormos 370 03 ADRINA RESORT & SPA, Panormos, Yunanıstan
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