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On the island of Skopelos there are about 360 religion buildings, Churches, Monasteries.

Скопелас Царквы, Царквы Скопелас, Скопелас манастыры царквы. экскурсіі, славутасці, якія варта наведаць, манастыры. Deep religious feeling. On the island of Skopelos, there are about 360 religious buildings, Timios Prodromos, Агія Варвара, Агіёс Рыгінос, Манастыр Евангелістрыя, і больш царквы і манастыры на востраве.



Царквы  of Skopelos are a characteristic and integral part of Skopelos landscape. Though only a small island, Skopelos has about 360 царквы, капліцы, манастыры, and convents. Most are closed for many years, except for the day they celebrate the saint they represent. Most of them were built by private initiative. The oldest existing church structure is the Basilica of St. Athanasius which was built in the 11th century and is located in the Castro District.



Многія з гэтых Царквы Skopelos contain works of art: handmade “altarpieces” (altar – -screens), frescoes, and icons. So what are some of the манастыры і царквы такія як Church of Christ, with its redo beautiful miniatures of saints and gold – decorated with chandeliers from Mount Athos?

Zoodohos Pigi church is supposed to contain the miraculous icon painted by St. Luke the Evangelist, with a magnificent gilded interior. Also worth visiting is the 18th-century church of Panagia Eleftherotria, with a fountain under the plane tree and a slate roof dotted with brightly colored кераміка. Close is Episkopi, a fortified Venetian monastery that was left unfinished by the Ottoman invasion.

Панагіца Піргоса is located at the edge of the harbor of Хара Скопеласа. The church and the temple date back to the 17th century.

Капліца в Агіёс Іааніс in Кастры stands high on a rock. One has to climb over 100 steps. The beauty of the church and the magnificent view are the best rewards.


Таксама ёсць кладка манастыры на гары Палоўкі над в горад Скопелас. Evangelistria clings to the rocks and enjoys the wonders of the city of Skopelos Bay. It was founded by monks from Mount Athos in the 18th century, but its impressive gold alter screen from Istanbul dates from the 14th century. It is now occupied by nuns. Агія Варвара умацаваны манастыр, цяпер, на жаль, заняпаў, але сказаў, што яго фрэскі 15 стагоддзя.

Манастыр кс Агіёс Іааніс Prodromos зроблены з дрэва і золата. Вышэй на гары Палукі знаходзяцца в манастыры of Agious Taxiarches and Agia Anna. While to the west side, there are the манастыры of Stavros, Agios Georgios-Kotronaki, and Panagia Leivadiotissa.


Усе, акрамя аднаго з царквы on the island observe the Greek Orthodox faith. Church was followed by specific architectural forms that were gradually created from the first centuries of Christianity and after. Their jewelry, whether it be painting, mosaics, or other-always reflects the orthodox doctrine, by the specific style trends


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Churches – Monasteries