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Skopelos island, this green Aegean diamond, offers you unforgettable summer holidays. Idyllic Пляжы, маляўнічыя брукаваныя вуліцы, раскоша Гатэлі, традыцыйны жыллё, пляжныя бары для дадатковай забавы і смачнасці харчаванне у вялікім Рэстараны і карчмы.

It is obvious that just once time it is not enough to enjoy all the beauties of Skopelos. Once is not enough to enjoy the culinary delights and traditional products of Skopelos. Moreover, the culinary tradition of Skopelos is a strong element of the island’s culture.

Спа-гатэль Skopelos Adrina Resort, панормас скопелас, сняданак скопелось

The leader in Skopelos cuisine is always the tasteful popular traditional Skopelos cheese pie! Which is also a super hearty and nutritious breakfast meal. Apart from the Skopelos cheese pie and its wonderful variations, there are many options for a complete breakfast in Skopelos.

Some suggestions for a nutritious breakfast in Skopelos are classic English breakfast, greek breakfast, brunch, omelets, and eggs in many variants, healthy fresh juices, fresh sandwiches, sweet pies such as plum pies, and other delicacies.

Besides, quality, local and traditional products, great raw materials, and unique recipes create fabulous dishes and a great breakfast for all tastes! Skopelos is never lacking in love and a positive attitude.

Skopelos has remarkable all-day кафэ in Chora and its picturesque вёскі атрымліваць асалоду ад сытным і здаровым сняданкам перад тым, як салі да Пляжы.


Каб пачаць з, Anemos Coffee Brunch is an original brasserie that offers unique flavors.

анемос, кава, абед, скопелас, порт хоры, скопелас, сняданак скопелас

It used to operate as a cocktail bar until the summer of 2017. However, the owners decided to present something completely different in Горад Скопелас з вострым творчым стаўленнем. Сапраўды, гэтага не хапала Горад Скопелас… An original idea with Italian air …So the summer of 2018 Anemos coffee brunch introduced itself.

Anemos Coffee Brunch is a small cafe in the heart of Skopelos beach. Here you will enjoy great espresso and a wide variety of dishes such as eggs, Croque madame, and much more. Here you will have a complete brunch!!



У кафэ ёсць зручныя сталы з відам на порт Скопелас. It operates from 8 am to 12 pm. In Anemos Coffee Brunch you will enjoy extremely rich and original breakfasts, coffees, and more. Delicious pancakes, a variety of omelets, scrambled eggs, fresh sandwiches, pizzas, fresh juices, and smoothies are just one part of the menu.анемос, кава, абед, скопелас, порт хоры, скопелас, сняданак скопелас

  • Варта адзначыць, што ў меню ёсць італьянская нотка.



canola skopelos, chora skopelos, сняданак skopelos

Kanela is a small bakery that exudes warmth and intimacy.

The handmade flavors offered by Kanela, both sweet and savory will delight your palate. The romantic landscaped area is ideal for sitting down to enjoy exquisite homemade delicacies.


Kanela is located in Горад Скопелас, near the port. It operates from 7 in the morning until 8 in the evening. You can enjoy your breakfast at Kanela or takeaway. Only organic ingredients and local products are used for the preparation of tasty dishes.canola skopelos, chora skopelos, сняданак skopelos The variety in Kanela is great, with countless temptations for the perfect breakfast meal. You will surely want to visit kanela the next morning and the next … Incredible chicken pie,  pie with local katiki cheese, mushroom pie, Skopelos pie with bacon, small stuffed donuts, peppers, quiche loren, and freshly made sandwiches. Apple pie, chocolate pie bueno, baguette, cinnamon and praline pudding, red velvet cake, etc…

  • Here in Kanela,  in addition to the excellent homemade delicacies, you will also taste one of Skopelos’ best coffees and healthy freshly squeezed juices.


Пякарня Кочыліс знаходзіцца перад уваходам у порт Скопелас. The quality of the products, the delectable variety, and the constant refurbishment have made Пякарня Кочыліс класічная тусоўка ў Скопеласе. Ідэальна падыходзіць для прыемнай і сытнай ежы.

kochilis хлебазавод skopelos, chora skopelos, сняданак skopelos

Новыя наведвальнікі Скопелоса зацікаўлены ў гэтым ведаць Пякарня Кочыліс has been a landmark for many years on the island. You will be impressed by the bold variety, the fresh products, the impeccable service, and the excellent quality coffees.

Адна з яго пераваг заключаецца ў тым, што ён знаходзіцца ў адкрытым рэжыме 24 гадзіны ў суткі, і вы можаце хапаць усё, што хочаце, альбо сядзець за зручнымі сталамі на адкрытым паветры.

вельмі смачны хлеб дэлікатэсы, штодня хлеб, fresh sandwiches, Skopelos cheese pie, puff pastries, ice creams, sweet flavors, traditional delicacies, freshly squeezed natural juices, coffee, and other beverages. A wide variety of sweet and savory flavors. You will surely find the perfect breakfast for you !!kochilis хлебазавод skopelos, chora skopelos, сняданак skopelos

In Kochilis Bakery at the порт Скопелас, you will enjoy a complete breakfast as you will find everything you wish.

  • Kochilis Bakery prepares wonderful weddings as well as birthday cakes to sweeten the highlights of your life.



karavia cafe skopelos, chora skopelos, сняданак skopelosКавярня Каравія has been in the port of Chora on Skopelos island for about 4 decades. Faithful customers come here every year to enjoy a hearty breakfast at the comfortable tables overlooking the sea !!

The main reason for keep visiting Karavia Cafe is not only the variety on the menu but also the hospitality of the owners. Indeed, the rich nutritious breakfast, the delectable options, the delicious espresso, and cappuccino coffee will cover your needs. But the owners themselves with their hospitality and positive attitude will make you feel at home!

Кавярня Каравія, in Skopelos Chora, offers excellent traditional Skopelos cheese pie, English breakfast, tasty omelets and eggs with bacon, club sandwiches, fruit salads, yogurt with honey, jams, croissants in savory and sweet varieties, waffles, and a variety of freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Цяпер ужо дакладна, што ў Кавярня Каравія, на пляжы ў Скопеласе вам спадабаецца багаты сняданак.

Ён застаецца адкрытым з ранняй раніцы да позняй ночы.

karavia cafe skopelos, chora skopelos, сняданак skopelos



barramares cafe skopelos, chora skopelos, сняданак skopelosBarramares Cafe is centrally located on the beach of Skopelos, opposite the port. The location of the Cafe is lovely with magnificent sea views. A perfect place for both relaxation and fun. Your breakfast here is a completely delicious treat.

The many choices for a nutritious and rich breakfast are satisfying. Barramares Cafe offers among other choices English breakfast,  Skopelos cheese pie, fresh sandwiches, hearty omelets, bacon eggs, homemade ice creams, crepes in sweet and savory variants, unique waffles, fruit salads, honey yogurt, freshly squeezed juices, and rich coffee.

At Кафэ Barramares, У Скопелас порт, you can enjoy a very hearty breakfast on its beautifully landscaped grounds.

Ён адкрыты з ранняй раніцы да позняй ночы.

barramares cafe skopelos, chora skopelos, сняданак skopelos

  • For years Barramares Cafe remain popular for its bamboo comfort chairs.


Міжнародная кавярня знаходзіцца ў цэнтры горада на пляжы ў порт Скопелас. На самай справе, ён працуе паспяхова шмат гадоў. Ён застаецца адкрытым з ранняй раніцы да позняй ночы.

Разам з ранішняй кавай, не забудзьцеся атрымаць прыемны сняданак за зручнымі сталамі. Выбар меню цалкам задаволіць вас.

міжнароднае кафэ skopelos, chora skopelos, сняданак skopelosAt International Cafe, you will enjoy a traditional breakfast of eggs, bacon, хлеб and jam, omelets, Skopelos cheese pie, pancakes, crepes, sandwiches, fruit salads, yogurt with honey, and handmade pastries.

  • International Cafe is a traditional timeless café in the порт Скопелас і славіцца выдатнымі марожанымі.


таверна Лімнонары знаходзіцца на цудоўным Лімнонары пляж, у 9 км ад Горад Скопелас, у таверна Лімнонары вы будзеце атрымліваць асалоду ад ідылічнай добраўпарадкаванай прасторы і гасціннасці сям'і Lemonis, якая кіруе карчма from 1969 until today.ліманад таверна скопела, лімнонары скопела, сняданак скопела

Tables are under the shade of trees or awnings. Absolutely summer setting is fully harmonized with the green landscape. A perfect place to enjoy a nutritious breakfast before getting to the beach.

The basic observation we have to make is about raw materials. The Lemonis family produces its own traditional products. So you will taste yogurt with honey from their own beehives, olive oil and olives, traditional pastries, and delicious homemade jams!

In  таверна Лімнонары you will enjoy a delicious breakfast, coffee, healthy juices, and traditional Skopelos cheese pie.

ліманад таверна скопела, лімнонары скопела, сняданак скопела

  • All dishes and flavors are handmade and the raw materials are produced by the owner himself.

Нізкі кафэ

кавярня madalaki skopelos, elios, hovolo skopelos, сняданак skopelosВялікае кафэ знаходзіцца на цудоўным Гавала пляж, у Неа Klima or Эліёсу у Скопеласе. Гэта без роздуму лепшае месца, каб пачаць дзень з энергіяй.

The ideal place to enjoy a delicious breakfast in Skopelos. Rich aromatic coffee, fresh baguettes, toast and sandwiches, great chocolate or plain waffles, ice creams, friendly and prompt service all by the sea with idyllic sea views.

Вы можаце сесці за сталы на пяску ў маленькім двары і атрымліваць асалоду ад выдатнай кавы місіс Роўз і пажыўнага сняданку. У вас таксама ёсць магчымасць узяць каву і закускі з сабой на пляж.

кавярня madalaki skopelos, elios, hovolo skopelos, сняданак skopelos

  • Madalaki Cafe is a super-cool choice.



P 'tharakia (Ptharakia) Эспрэса і кактэйль-бар, glossa skopelos, сняданак skopelos


P’ tharakia ( Ptharakia ) Espresso & Cocktail bar is an alternative cafe bar, located in the picturesque вёска Глоса у Скопеласе. Вы знойдзеце яго ў некалькіх метрах па галоўнай вуліцы ў старым горадзе Глоса.

The view from the café is breathtaking. The ideal place to enjoy a hearty breakfast and your coffee. Although you will find excellent espresso and cappuccino coffee we will recommend the traditional Greek coffee. Always served with a Cyprus delight.


Moreover, in the shade of a walnut tree, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your coffee and/or fresh-squeezed juice with a variety of breakfast suggestions. Handmade energy bars with cereals and nuts, handmade pies (eg apple pie) as well as delicious fresh sandwiches and fruit salads.

In the courtyard of the cafeteria, there is a lovely walnut tree that offers you its shade. The landscaped surroundings also provide a swimming pool. On the menu, there are aromatic blended coffees and many breakfast options to choose from.

P 'tharakia (Ptharakia) Эспрэса і кактэйль-бар, glossa skopelos, сняданак skopelos

  •  P’ tharakia ( Ptharakia ) Espresso & Cocktail bar offer you stunning views. The whole Aegean stretches in front of you.



petrino cafe skopelos, loutraki skopelos, сняданак skopelosPetrino Cafe Snack Bar is a beautiful traditional Greek coffee bar. You will find it in Лутракі порт. Акрамя таго, яго месца ідылічна і адкрываецца цудоўны від на мора.

Along with your delicious coffee breakfast, you will enjoy a rich breakfast meal. You will also have a choice of a variety of sweet and savory flavors. Great homemade delicacies for all tastes. Handmade pies and pastries, omelets and eggs, amazing crepes, and yogurt with honey and fruits.

Прыветныя гаспадары ў спалучэнні з смачным дэлікатэсам - салёным ці салодкім - прымусяць вас наведваць Петрына зноў і зноў.

Petrino Cafe is open from early morning until late at night.petrino cafe skopelos, loutraki skopelos, сняданак skopelos

  • Petrino Cafe offers a friendly atmosphere and delicious handmade dishes.



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