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What about spending your day under the Greek sun in magnificent scenery where the pine trees embrace the emerald green water and you are lying on the white sand and the small pebbles? Imagine now that this beautiful bay you are in is always calm and peaceful since it is protected by steep green hills. The waters of your ideal landscape are turquoise because it reflects the pine green in the sea.

Пляж Лімнонары Скопелас, Пляжы скопелас, Лімнанары Скопелас


It sounds dreamy..doesn’t it? Stop dreaming then and visit the astonished Лімнонары пляж на востраве Скопелас.


Лімнонары Пляж знаходзіцца прыблізна ў 9,5 км ад Горад Скопелас. The orientation of the beach in South West. Лімнонары Пляж размешчаны недалёка ад Агнонты port just 1,5 km distance. In fact, there is a path overlooking the sea that connects the two Пляжы and you can go on foot. The distance between Лімнонары і Пляж Стафілос складае 5 км.

Пляж Лімнонары Скопелас, Пляжы скопелас, Лімнанары Скопелас

By car from Skopelos Chora, you will need about 10 minutes. The route is extremely beautiful, with some turns, like all the distances on the green Skopelos island due to the fact that the road is in the pine tree forest. Though you should pay more attention at the end of the way because it gets more narrow and the bends are sharper.

Access is easy and there is a free parking site.

If you use the local bus the bus stop is 1 km away from Лімнонары пляж. Таму трэба крыху пахадзіць. Калі вы зацікаўлены, звярніце ўвагу, што таксама ёсць доступ на лодцы.

Пляж Лімнонары Скопелас, Пляжы скопелас, Лімнанары Скопелас

Паходжанне імя

There are two options regarding the origin of Limnonaris’ name.

The first has to do with mythology and the astonishing ancient greek culture. So, according to the old legend, the God Ares (he was the greek god of war) gave the name to the beach because he got fascinated by its beauty. “Limni” in greek stands for the lake.  So Лімнонары расшыфроўваецца як возера Арэс.

Пляж Лімнонары Скопелас, Пляжы скопелас, Лімнанары Скопелас

The second version has to do more with the morphology of the gulf. The bay is closed and very well protected from all winds especially from the north ones.

Due to that, the water remains always calm as it was in a lake. Лімнонары па-грэцку азначае маленькае возера, і гэта лепшае апісанне гэтага спакойнага пляжу.

No matter the origin of the name you will absolutely fall in love with the beauty of Лімнонары beach with the magical combination of green nature and the crystal clear waters.


Лімнонары пляж - гэта большая частка пясчанага пляжу, цалкам абаронены зялёнымі ўзгоркамі. На пляжы дробны пясок, які праз адлюстраванне сонца становіцца залацістым. Хвоі і зялёнае наваколле ў спалучэнні з белым пяском робяць і без таго шыкоўныя пейзажы яшчэ больш уражлівымі.

Пляж Лімнонары Скопелас, Пляжы скопелас, Лімнанары Скопелас

Вы павінны звярнуць увагу пры выхадзе ў мора, таму што ёсць слізкія падводныя ўтварэнні.

Лімнонары beach is organized. So, there are umbrellas, sun loungers, and decks for rent.

Ёсць таксама карчма, beach bar, and студыі.


Лімнонары beach is not popular only due to the crystal clear waters, the white sand, and the protection from the winds, but also because of the slab of calcium that exists in the shallow water. The special characteristic is the plate of calcium that exists at the bottom of the sea. So you should be careful with the sea stones when you enter it. The rocks are mainly at the entrance of Лімнонары beach. While you are going deeper they become less and the seabed gets so perfect that you are not sure if you are in the sea or in a pool.

Пляж Лімнонары Скопелас, Пляжы скопелас, Лімнанары Скопелас

Куды ЗАСТАЦЦА (лімнонары жыллё)


Limnonari complex in Skopelos provides high standard жыллё. студыі are built in a blossomed garden with essential tranquility. Inside the garden, there are olive trees, lemon trees, fig-trees while vineyards and lush bougainvilleas adorn the area.

усе студыі feature a kitchen, air conditioning, and TV. Moreover, they all offer incredible sea views since they are so close to the beach. You need just a minute to get there. There is a parking area as well as free sun umbrellas and sun loungers on Пляж Лімнонары для гасцей. Калі ў вас ёсць лодка, ёсць невялікі прычал на пляжы, каб звязаць яго.

Пляж Лімнонары Скопелас, Пляжы скопелас, Лімнанары СкопеласЛІМНЁНАРСКІЯ нумары СТУДЗІЯ

Inside a large orchard land with a garden are the Limnonari rooms. There are 10 double rooms featuring sea and pine forest views. You need only 2 minutes to get to Пляж Лімнонары.

Limnonari Rooms offer standard жыллё equipment such as air conditioning and refrigerator. In the beautiful common yard, there is a BBQ area and kitchen facilities. There is free parking.

Куды есці

LIMNONARI COMPLEX - ТАВЕРНА (limnonari complex in skopelos)

Лімнонары таверна (limnonari complex in Skopelos) operates for more than 50 years, offering high-quality харчаванне and services. The secret of the success maybe is in the raw materials that consist exclusively of local products. Furthermore, the owner himself produces olive oil and the honey is from his own hives.пляж limnonari skopelos, taverna limnonari, комплекс limnonari skopelos

Лімнонары карчма is located in a lush garden full of colors and aromas. The family environment in combination with the delicious dishes will fascinate you for sure.

Лімнонары  таверна remains open all day, featuring magnificent views of Limnonari Beach, offering delicious breakfast, coffee, homemade cheese pie, and evening cocktails.


,en рэстаран Apanemo is operating on Пляж Лімнонары since 1999. You will have a great meal in perfect natural scenery. It is open all day serving coffees, beverages, drinks, and snacks as well. It also features a swimming pool.

пляж limnonari skopelos, рэстаран apanemo, апанема beach bar

Уладальнікі выкарыстоўваюць выключна арганічнае аліўкавы алей, якое яны вырабляюць самі і гародніна з уласнага саду.

Акрамя рэстаран you can have extra fun at the Apanemo beach bar. Moreover, the beach bar undertakes marriage, baptism, and other special events of your life.


As you can see by reading this article Limnonari is an ideal place to spend your vacation!! So, enjoy!!

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