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Madro Travel is located in the old port, arranging ferry tickets, bus (ktel) tickets, accommodation, hiking trips as well as marine park and daily sea excursions.
Мобилен телефон: +30 6974447573 XNUMX XNUMX
Вторичен телефон: +24240 22940 XNUMX XNUMX

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Madro Travel Skopelos is located in the north end of Пристанище Скопелос. Actually it is in the old harbor of Град Скопелос.

The tourist agency is set below the famous church Панагица от Пиргос.

Madro Travel Skopelos  offers a variety of services since it operates with the shipping companies and not only.  Such as arranging ferry tickets, flying dolphin tickets,  bus (ktel) tickets, настаняване, car and boat rentals, hiking trips as well as marine park and daily sea excursions. The service is friendly, professional and accurate. The specific travel agency covers the whole vacation package for стигане до Скопелос.

The owners of the Travel Agency are Mr. Giorgos Drossos and Mrs. Machi Hanna – Drossou while the manager of the tourist office is Mr. Vaggelis Drossos.

Plus to the services in all kinds of Shipping tickets, Madro Travel Tourist Office has also added the tickets of KTEL from Volos.
During the summer period the tourist office remains opens from early in the morning till late at night.
Regarding the winter period the work hours are as follows:
Winter Office Hours: 09:30-16:30 & 18:00-19:30 daily and 09:30-14:00 on weekends.
Skopelos has 3 ports. The main пристанище Скопелос при болни Лутраки в Глоса и Agnontas, В пристанището на Agnontas има фериботи само ако време условията не позволяват на корабите да достигнат до другите пристанища.
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