Glossiotissa Women Association- Women's Agrotourism Association

"Glossiotissa" -The Women's Agrotourism Association of Skopelos is a local organization that was founded in 1999 by a group of women
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Women’s Agrotourism Association


“Glossiotissa” -The Women’s Agrotourism Association of Skopelos is a local organization that was founded in 1999 by a group of women, in Glossa Village, who were interested in promoting sustainable tourism on the island.

Specifically, 24 women, permanent residents of gloss Skopelos, founded this women’s agrotourism cooperative under the name Glossiotissa. Their main objective was both the preparation and promotion of local traditional Skopelos dishes. Some of these are the traditional sweets made from almonds and walnuts, hamalia and rosettes, spoon sweets, especially the “avgato” with the main ingredient the Skopelos plum, but also savory flavors such as the famous Skopelos twisted cheese pie, grass pie, and other delicacies depending on the period of time.

The success of Glossiotissa is based on the adherence to quality and authenticity and the insistence of the women to use exclusive local fresh ingredients as raw material

In addition ” The Glossiotissa” is active, among other things, in the revival of customs with a strong island element. As well as, it undertakes the organization of social events with the tradition of the island (Glossiotikos weddings, baptisms, banquets, folk festivals, etc.), as well as catering to events of a conference nature on and off the island.

Glossiotissa –  Women’s Agrotourism Association of Skopelos operates a bakery and a Shop with local traditional products in Glossa landsby, where visitors can experience traditional Greek flavors and learn about Skopelos island’s cultural traditions. The Association is run entirely by local women, and all of the mad and desserts served are made from locally sourced ingredients.

Kvinderne af gloss maintain two places. The preparation shop and the shop in the village. Customers can purchase their favorite flavors from both locations. In winter they are in the landsby Glossa and after 14.00 they go to the preparation plant. The association also organizes workshops and other activities to help visitors learn about traditional Greek culture and lifestyle.

Overall, the Women’s Agrotourism Association of Skopelos –  Glossiotissa is a great example of how local communities can come together to promote sustainable tourism and preserve their cultural heritage. By offering visitors an authentic and immersive experience of traditional Greek culture and lifestyle, the association helps to support the local economy and preserve the island’s natural and cultural resources. - Viser QR-kode

Glossiotissa Women Association- Women’s Agrotourism Association