Legendid Skopelosest, festivalidest ja kultuuriüritustest Skopelose saarel Skopelose kultuur Traditsiooniline Skopelose saar

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Skopelose kultuur, legendid, abielu, sünd. Festival ja kultuuriüritused Skopelose saarel. Traditsioon Skopelos. Traditsiooniline Skopelos. Skopelose festivali ja kultuuriürituste reisijuht Skopelose saarel, tolli Skopelos


Culture is the norms and the everyday life of a society. Moreover Culture encloses religion, traditions, tastes and toit, clothes, customs, language, pronunciation, marriage, birth, death, music, arts, people’s behavior and way of thinking, everyday habits and a million other small or big things that unite each society.

Skopelos is a island with a long history, strong culture, deep tradition and rich legends.


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