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Just one turn after tumbleweeds and you reach the picturesque seaside village of Agnontas. Pine tree Agnontas is a busy area with many loyal followers. After all, the scenery it offers is idyllic …. A small pebble beach, emerald crystal clear waters surrounded by pine trees.

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The whole scenery is becoming even better with the popular Agnontas fish taverns. Unique is also the sunset on Agnontas Bay. In this small harbor with crystal clear waters and pines that literally take root in the sea you will almost never face problems with the winds.

Agnontas ajánlatok szállását for a comfortable tartózkodás.

A szépség Agnontas port is on the southwestern part of Skopelos. It is only 8 km from Skopelos Town. By car, that is, you will need about ten minutes. Stafylos strand nak nek Agnontas is 4 km away. While Limnonari beach is only 3 km distance.

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At Agnontas Port there is a stop of Skopelos local transport, with frequent and regular services. The route is easy as the Skopelos road network is covered with asphalt. The road do have turns, but the route is beautiful, surrounded by pine trees.


Mellett Agnontas bay lies the stunning tumbleweeds with the well known rock from the characteristic pine trees that rise above the sea. And even more famous than the scenes of the Hollywood musical Mamma Mia!


Beautiful Skopelos is an island with a rich history. In antiquity the name of Skopelos was Peparithos. The area of Agnontas took its name in honor of the Olympic runner, Agnontas or Agnon . This runner, at the 53rd Olympiada, in 568 BC was crowned the winner of the race. After successfully participating in the Olympics and returning from Olympia, he got off on the rock of Agnontas strand.

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The face of Olympic winner Agnontas is depicted on silver coins of the classic era. In the Agnontas area, amphoras workshop facilities were found dating back to the Classical and Hellenistic periods. Amphoras, in ancient times, were essential in the trade of the well-known fine wine of Skopelos (peparithos). Similar findings exist in Stafylos and Panormos.

Agnontas STRAND

Agnontas beach is small though beautiful. It has pebbles, crystal clear turquoise water and is surrounded by pine trees. Along the beach there are sun loungers and umbrellas available from the vendéglők. So in addition to your summer mood you won’t need to have anything else with you!

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The enchanting beach of Agnontas is within a protected bay. Even on days with severe időjárás, Agnontas offers a relatively calm sea.


The windless harbor of Agnostas is also popular as the fishing port. You will realize the reason the moment you arrive as you will see many fishing boats. The fishing boats anchor at Agnontas. In the evenings, though, fishermen go out to sea to catch fish, lobsters, squid and shrimps.

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The day after you will enjoy the fresh fish catch of the day at the traditional Agnontas fish taverns. The beach with the vendéglők creates the perfect summer scenery. There you will eat fresh fish, seafood and great ouzo by your heart on the beach.

In bad időjárás elements, the boats anchor at Agnontas Port and not at Skopelos or Loutraki harbor. Since the natural harbor of Agnontas is protected by beaufort and winds.

In addition to boats in the port of Agnontas dolphins are also prefer to occasionally spott here!

tavernák IN AGNONTAS

Agnontas is an ideal destination to combine your swimming with the fish tavern.

The tables from the taverns are literally next to the wave, on wooden bridges. Many guests, who live in other areas of Skopelos, choose Agnontas for a delicious meal of friss hal on the sea. Others come for tsipouro and genuine appetizers. Others to taste a special homár spagetti overlooking the idyllic sunset.

There are three seaside taverns in Agnontas.

Korali Fish Tavern Restaurant

For the last 38 years at Korali Fish Tavern Restaurant Dimitris and Maria Pantou based on their passion for good élelmiszer, offer well-cooked dishes and true hospitality in a friendly environment.

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The menu features fresh fish and seafood dishes. The chef recommends trying the fish dish (Risotto with seafood), authentic lobster spaghetti as well as the delicious Maria fish soup.

Pavlos Fish Taverna

From 1967, when the Pavlos Fish Taverna opened for the first time to this day, it remains faithful to tradition and quality, providing you with a well-rounded meal in a welcoming atmosphere.
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Fish dishes and fresh fish are dominating the menu. The cook recommends the Scorpion fish either soup or grilled. Great dishes are also sun-dried fur and sun-dried octopus.

Mouria Fish Taverna

In the picturesque safe harbor of Agnontas is also the Mouria Fish Taverna. It made its appearance in 2002, and since then it continues to offer guests quality élelmiszer, warm atmosphere and amazing views.

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Under the shade of the centuries-old mulberry we suggest you try lobster pasta and spaghetti with seafood. You can combine your meal with a variety of appetizing and fresh seafood. - Skopelos Blog

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