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10 fermate FARE A SKOPELOS


Discover the top 10 must-see destinations in Skopelos, the greenest island in the Aegean. There are interesting sightseeings in Skopelos. Plenty of majestic places to visit.

Lui Giannis a Kastri

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The magnificent picturesque chapel of Ai Giannis in Kastri became popular after the Hollywood film Mamma Mia !. The protagonists of the film Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan married there. This small chapel (Ai Giannis Castri Skopelos) was built in the 18th century on a 100m rocky hill. To reach the chapel you need to climb 106 steps. Though, the dazzling view of the Aegean Sea to Alonissos will immediately compensate you!

lui giannis Kastri skopelos è una delle attrazioni da non perdere a Skopelos.

lui giannis kastri skopelos, agios ioannis kastri skopelos, lui giannis skopelos church

SUGGERIMENTO:  Lui Giannis Kastri Skopelos church is about 30 km away from Città di Skopelos. Ci vogliono dai 40 ai 45 minuti in auto per arrivarci.

Panagitsa di Pyrgos

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Panagitsa of  Pyrgos is now a registered trademark of Skopelos. To reach Panagitsa di Pyrgos you will climb several steps, but the view will compensate you immediately. On one side is the vast sea and on the other Skopelos Chora.

L'interno della chiesa di Panagitsa Pyrgos is just as imposing and beautiful as the whole landscape. The church, dating back to the 17th century, follows a complex four-tiered cross-type. Indoors you will admire 18th and 19th-century icons.

panagitsa tou pyrgou skopelos, panagitsa tou pirgou church, panagitsa chora skopelos, luoghi da visitare

EXTRA:  In Panagitsa Church, at the edge of Skopelos Chora, weddings and baptisms are held.


On the beautiful Skopelos island, there are about 365 churches and monasteri, come i giorni dell'anno. La maggior parte del monasteri sono luoghi che devi visitare. Le 123 chiese e 15 monasteri si trovano dentro e intorno Città di Skopelos.

Monasteri di Skopelos Agia Varvara Foto, monasteri di Skopelos, luoghi da visitare

Il monasteri are built in prominent places with magnificent views and all have a distinct architectural and historical interest. Most are on Mountain Palouki. Some of them are Sotiros Monastery, Agia Varvara Monastery and Agios Ioannis Prodromos Monastery .

EXTRA: Νuns sono particolarmente amichevoli as they open the door to the public offering local delicacies, buns, and amulets. Any offers from you are welcome. You will find a climate of dedication, sympathy, and love. 

Adrina Hotel

Adrina Hotel sull'isola di Skopelos sono sinonimo di lusso accessibile ed eccellente servizio di vacanze estive. Sono davvero diamanti sull'isola di Skopelos. Il quattro stelle Adrina Beach and the five-star Adrina Resort and Spa are attractions to tourists. 

There is also a very interesting legend regarding Adrina.

Skopelos Adrina Beach Hotel, hotel adrina skopelos

Costruito rispettando lo stile architettonico tradizionale e in piena armonia con il paesaggio naturale, promettono di offrirti una vacanza unica. Adrina Hotel on Skopelos island are located in the Panormos la zona.

Ottima colazione, spiaggia privata organizzata, eccellente tavernae ristoranti, piscine, area giochi, spa integrata sono alcuni dei servizi offerti da Adrina Hotel sull'isola di Skopelos.

Skopelos Adrina Resort and Spa Hotel, hotel adrina skopelos

EXTRA: Per visitare uno dei Adrina Hotel ristoranti dovresti avere una prenotazione.


In Skopelos beats the heart of rebetiko songs. The island remains faithful to its musical traditions. In Skopelos, in fact, you will not only hear well-known songs but also some rebetika notes. The perfect place to enjoy this kind of music is Anatoli. The ouzeri of the well-known musician Yiorgos Xintaris. He and his two sons Antonis and Thodoris guide you on a rebetiko musical journey. Bouzouki, baglama, guitar, clear voices without microphones. Anatoli is built on Skopelos Castle offering a dreamy view. Anatoli is one of the places to visit on Skopelos island.

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EXTRA: In Anatoli you can drive either by the ring road or on foot, following a wonderful route through the streets of Skopelos but also by steps.


skopelos diving diving center diving sporades diving, adrina beach hotel skopelos, adrina panormos

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are popular water activities. Activities that combine the love of the sea with exploration and adventure.

Il fondale dell'isola è anche una delle attrazioni di Skopelos.

The conditions for Scuba Diving and snorkeling in Skopelos are ideal due to the clarity of the waters. Divers can admire the beauty of the sea and the underwater world. Skopelos, after all, has a rich underwater world as well as the Christoforos shipwreck which is now accessible to divers.

In 2014 the Diving Center was added to the marine activities of Skopelos.

Centro immersioni di Skopelos è situato in Skopelos Port e in  Adrina Spiaggia Hotel in Panormos.

skopelos diving diving center diving sporades diving, adrina beach hotel skopelos, adrina panormos

EXTRA: Allenatori ben addestrati ti faranno sentire sicuro e dissiperanno ogni dubbio.

Kastani Beach

Spiaggia di Kastani is at a distance of 15 km from Skopelos Chora. The beach has small pebbles and white sand. Kastani is a magnificent bay with pines that are literally rooted into the sea.  Moreover, the green to blue scenic beauty creates some natural shade. The beach is an enchanting landscape of breathtaking beauty. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that many scenes of the Mamma Mia movie were filmed here. 

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Kastani Beach is fully organized with umbrellas, sunbeds, and a Beach Bar that organizes wonderful themed parties during the summer. Generally speaking all spiagge a Skopelos hanno un punto di vista maestoso.

EXTRA: You will feel like a Hollywood protagonist, as many Mamma Mia scenes filmed here.

Milian spiaggia

Milian Beach is probably the most popular beach of all the spiagge a Skopelos e per molte persone la più bella. Dista circa 14 km da Città di Skopelos. Inoltre, Milian offers also an exotic landscape with turquoise waters, small pebbles, and pine green to complete the magnificent picture. A large rock separates Milian Beach into two parts. On the left, you will find an organized Beach Bar, umbrellas, sun loungers, and summer cocktails! While the families usually prefer the right side. In fact, there is a beach bar with a playground there.

milia skopelos spiaggia, milia skopelos, spiagge skopelos

Di fronte Milian beach is Dassia island. Milian beach is even suitable for snorkeling. There is also a taverna sopra la spiaggia in caso di fame.

EXTRA: Sunset, summer parties, and clear water.

Limnonari spiaggia

Limnonari beach is located 10 km from Città di Skopelos. This beach, like all the spiagge in Skopelos, is a dreamy landscape with crystal clear waters and white sand hugged by green pine trees. In fact, the legend says that Limnonaris’ name was given by the Ancient Greek God of war ARIS (limni stands for the lake in greek). So the lake (limni) of Aris fell in love with this beauty. Another version of the name is the small lake since there are almost never waves in this creek.

skopelos di spiaggia di limnonari, skopelos di limnonari, skopelos di spiagge

Limnonari è una spiaggia organizzata con due pittoresche taverne, Limnonari Taverna and Apanemo ristoranti.

EXTRA: Il fondo speciale della spiaggia e la piastra di calcio che troverai nei fondali bassi della spiaggia.

Velanio Beach

If you are looking for an earthly paradise then visit Velanio Beach. in Velanio Beach the landscape consists of clear waters, white pebbles, and pines that rise to the sea and extend to the coast.

Foto aerea di Skopelos Velanio Beach Seaview

Questo magnifico luogo combina perfettamente pino e mare. Infatti,  Velanio Beach è ufficialmente una spiaggia per nudisti.

Velanio Beach si trova accanto a Spiaggia di Stafylos. Devi attraversare Spiaggia di Stafylos and after the rock, you will find it. Moreover, it is about 4.4 kilometers from Città di Skopelos.

EXTRA: It is the only nudist beach in Skopelos. Di tutto il spiagge a Skopelos, il Spiaggia Velanio you will swim naked. - Blog di Skopelos -

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