Pantheon Zëmmeren

Pantheon Rooms are on Glyfoneri beach, featuring panoramic sea views and air conditioning.
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Pantheon Rooms Skopelos. Glyfoneri rooms Skopelos. Rooms Pantheon Skopelos. Glyfoneri Plage zu Skopelos. Agios Konstantinos beach skopelos. Northern Sporades. Magnisia. Green on Blue.




Pantheon rooms and Appartementer are located near the greenery Glyfoneri – Agios Konstantinos beach. In fact the Zëmmer lasszeleeën are only approximately 50 meters away from the sea. The Ënnerkonft unit offers rooms for either three or two persons.

To continue with each Zëmmer offers air condition, TV and refrigerator. Parking is also available on site.

Moreover, Pantheon Rooms featuring cosy balconies with panoramic views not only to the Aegean Sea but also to the pine-covered mountains. There is also the courtyard of the building that everybody can use for extra relaxation moments.

Pantheon rooms are in a cosy, clean and friendly environment. The Appartementer are in an ideal location from where you can enjoy the romantic sunrise.

There are daily cleaning services while the linen are changing every three days. Pantheon Rooms skopelos bleiwen open from May to October to host the guests.

Pantheon rooms skopelos are close to the picturesque Chora of Skopelos. However, it is more convenient for you to have your own means of transportation. This way you will be free to visit as many beach as you wish to the beautiful and lush Skopelos island.

E puer populär Plage ze besichen sinn Stafylos, Velanio, Agnontas, Limnonari, Panormos, Milian an Kastan. Stafilos ass ongeféier 6 Kilometer vun der Ënnerkonft. Déi nootste Tankstell ass op enger Distanz vun 2,6 Kilometer wärend de Gesondheetszentrum 2,4 Kilometer ewech ass.

Glyfoneri - Agios Konstantinos Plage ass déi nootste Plage bei Skopelos Kräisch. Close to the Pantheon rooms is also Glysteri Plage. Glysteri Plage huet e Funky Plage Bar fir extra Momenter Spaass.

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