SeaCab Water Taxi

SeaCab is the fastest way to get around the Sporades, Evia and Pelion.
Mobile Phone: +30 6934 343 287
Secondary Phone: +30 6984 203 695

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Seacab is a fast, safe, and flexible way to travel from Skiathos to Skopelos. In fact, Skopelos Sea Cab is it’s the fastest way to get around the Sporades, Evia, and Pelion. Most of the time you will see the Sea Cab boat at the end of Skiathos port. To the spot where the ferry boats leave to continue to Skopelos ports.

The sea cab skopelos boat is comfortable has seats for 8 persons and has orange color as well a taxi sign on the roof, so to be easily recognized by the visitors.

Sea Cab Skopelos is located also in Loutraki port on Skopelos island.


The SeaCab is available 24/7 from late spring to early autumn (please contact us for availability)

Contact Information: SeaCab Water Taxi

email:, telephone number : +30 6934 343 287

The sea cab skopelos won’t travel only in cases of bad weather conditions. The sea cab water taxi can get up to 8 passengers.

Traveling by seacab is a safe way to do so since it meets all the safety rules.

The SeaCab also offers passenger transport by sea taxi between Skiathos, Skopelos, Evia, and Pelion.


The fastest way to get from Skiathos to Skopelos is the sea cab water taxi.

The destinations and the time of the journey and the prices are as follows:

Skiathos to:

Loutraki Port (Glossa): from 25€, 15 min
Elios: 150€, 25 min
Adrina Hotel: 150€, 25 min
Agnontas: 200€, 35 min

In case the customer wishes to follow another route than the standard one then the price is 22 €  per mile.

Another sea cab service is the daily transfers from Skiathos to Loutraki port (Glossa) that operate every hour, always on demand. The price is from €25 while the duration is approximately 15 minutes.

You can also arrange excursions to the beaches of Skopelos, Skiathos, or to the marine park in Alonissos.

Moreover, on sea cab, the customer will be fascinated by the first woman captain on Skopelos island.

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