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Biking in Skopelos

In recent years, the number of those who use bicycles either for their travels or for their exercise and entertainment has grown considerably

This unique combination of relaxation and exercise increases the energy of cyclists and reduces their tiredness. In addition, exercise with the bike reduces eliminates stress.

In general, cycling is a great pleasure. Mountain biking gives the trainee the opportunity to enjoy the beauty, the tranquility of nature and helps one to relax. All the more, when most people work and live in large and noisy cities, they find a way out with this activity.

Skopelos is a perfect destination for those who want to combine a vacation with sports as the green mountains of the island and its amazing forests are considered a paradise for mountain bike enthusiasts and cycling in general.

The impressive landscapes of the island, the pine scent and the endless green of Skopelos offer a unique combination of tourism and physical exercise.


For those who are unable to bring their bicycle with them, they can rent what they want. For more information, contact Skopelos Cycling by sending an email to or by calling 2424022398 and 6947023145.

The only sure thing is that the natural beauties of the island will also compensate the visitors, who will devote some of their time to combining sports and exploration.