Anastasiou Tasos Transportation Services

Anastasiou Tasos Transportation Services on Skopelos Island
Mobile Phone: +30 6972 184 843

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The transportation Company Anastasiou Tasos is a new entry in Skopelos logistics. Since it was founded in February 2020.

The headquarters of the company is in the industrial area of Skopelos. More specifically just opposite an old quarry.

The major goal of Anastasiou Tasos Transportation Company is to providing quality transportation and removals services.

The company focuses on providing the best cargo forwarding services as well as containers from and to Skopelos Island.

Moreover, Anastasios Tasos Transportation Company serves customers all over Greece to and from the island of Skopelos by undertaking the transport, storage, and distribution of the cargo.

Anastasios Tasos Transportation Company features guaranteed national transportation services :

  • Transportation to/from Athens
  • Transportation to/from Thessaloniki
  • Transportation to/from Volos
  • Transportation throughout Greece
  • Transportation nationwide from and to Skopelos

The Transport company has its own vehicles in order to deliver the best possible services and solutions. The company undertakes any type of removal and transport.

The company features the following services :

  • transport
  • removals
  • lifting on the island
  • distribution storage packaging
  • containers transport
  • dry cargo
  • earthwork
  • earthmoving services
  • freight forwarding
  • aquifers

Other services the company offers are all kinds of transport, basket work, garden soil, water transport, firewood.

The company also operates in major cities such as:

Volos, Plessas Transportation Company, Tel: +30 24210 83464, Address: A Industrial Area

Athens, Mourkogiannis Transportation Company, Tel: +30 210 3456564, Address: Orfeos 199, 12241 Egaleo Athens Attica

Thessaloniki, Net Trans, Tel: 231057476, Address: 5th kilometer Thessaloniki Kalochori

Sitaridis TransporTation Company

The company cooperates with Sitarides Transport for controlled refrigeration distributions and refrigerated products.

Sitarides Company gives the products to Plesa Transport in Volos and Anastasiou loads them from Plesa’s warehouses.

Sitarides Transport Company Contact Number: +30 210 5572881
Location: Surezi Aspropyrgos

370 03 GR
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