Perivoliou Beach

The wild beauty of this beach is emphasized by the clear blue waters and the steep cliffs

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Would you like to visit an earthly paradise? Obviously yes. All you have to do is swim in the enchanting Perivoliou beach in Skopelos. Perivolou beach is located 5 km from Glossa Village and is located on the northeastern side of Skopelos. The enchanting landscape is made up of crystal clear waters. This sandy beach features stunning rocks that create natural shade.

Perivoliou beach, on Skopelos island, will astonish you with the beauty of its wild landscape. Turquoise crystal clear waters combined with wonderful sand and magnificent views of the imposing rocks that create natural shade.

Perivoliou beach is 30 km away from Skopelos Town. It is accessible by car or other private vehicle as there is an asphalt road. The route from Skopelos takes about 45 minutes.

From Glossa you can either only follow the asphalt road that ends above the beach or you can follow the picturesque path with the concrete steps to get to the beach.

On the road to Perivoliou beach you will find a carved and painted stone on your right hand.

On Perivoliou beach, you can find sunbeds and umbrellas, since is an organized beach. From 2016 there is also a beach bar in the summer season on the beach offering water, soft drinks, coffees and juices.

Perivoliou beach is one of the last beaches on the northeastern coast of Skopelos continuously with Aggeletoy and Pethamenis beach. It is also relatively close to Hondrogiorgi Beach. The beach is exposed to the northerly winds.

Families go to Perivoliou beach and is popular with the inhabitants of Glossa. There is parking on the rock above the beach. It is not accessible to people with special mobility needs because it has a steep path to the coast.


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