On the mountain Karia of Skopelos you can visit four rock-cut tombs that were carved into a porous part of the rock in the shape of a box (larnax)

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On the mountain Karia of Skopelos, you can visit 4 rock-cut tombs dated back to the Roman or early Christian period. Rock-cut tombs were carved into a porous part of the rock in the shape of a box (larynx). They were family tombs and they usually were privately owned. Three of them are completed and have 2.5-meter covers. When they were discovered there were signs that the tombs were despoiled. The fourth one isn’t completed.

Even though the tombs are of great archeological value and worth visiting, trekking up the mountain isn’t easy. You will have to drive up a dirt road up to a certain point and then follow the marked path to the tombs. Make sure, once there, to let your eyes wander to the horizon where you can see all the way to Mt Olympus on a clear day.

Directions: From the town of Skopelos drive through the main road towards Kastro. Then turn right towards the provincial road Skopelos- Loutraki. About a kilometer down the road you must take a sharp left towards Mt Karia. Follow the road for another 5.5 km where you will almost have to make a right U-turn on the dirt road for Sentoukia. 1.3 km up the mountain and you will have reached your destination.

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