Pavlos Nirvana House

The House of Pavlos Nirvana hosts the Historical Museum of Skopelos, the exhibition Peparithos from antiquity to the current day

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Pavlos Nirvana is a distinguished Greek writer and scholar of modern times. He was born and spent his childhood on Skopelos island. The name Pavlos Nirvana was actually the literary pseudonym, while his real name was Petros K. Apostolidis.

Pavlos Nirvana’s cultivation and talent allowed him, apart from being a chronicler and poet, to engage in the writing of plays and novels. In the same house, apart from Pavlos Nirvana, the writer Alexandros Papadiamantis was hosted for a short period of time while he was studying at the old School of Skopelos.

The House of Pavlos Nirvana is definitely one of the most important points of interest both in the Northern Sporades and in the prefecture of Magnesia. Serving as the Historical Museum of Skopelos since June 2018. Hosting exhibition “Peparithos – Skopelos: The history of the town from antiquity to our days”.

Therefore the home has turned nowadays into an interesting exhibition space of the island’s history and culture. There, the guest will see the long journey of Skopelos from antiquity to now. Αncient times, byzantine period, modern times to the present day.

The two-story building is located in Skopelos Town, inside the traditional settlement. It is in the neighborhood of Agios Ioannis, nearby the Three Hierarchs Church. Furthermore, the home features an amphitheatrical view of Chora and the graphic Skopelos harbor.

The house was built in the first half of the 19th century and its reconstruction took place in the period 2004 – 2005. In 1965 it was designated by the Ministry of Culture as a Historical Monument of Architectural Heritage. The house is an authentic example of the traditional architecture of Skopelos, and in particular, it is one of the buildings of the “Macedonian style”.It is a mainly stone-built building with two floors and a basement.

The enclosed covered porch that dominates the front facade “shachnisi” is a strong traditional feature. The style of the masonry called ‘tsatma’ is also interesting.

The entrance is free.

In August it stays open from 19:30 to 22:00



Skopelos 370 03 GR
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Pavlos Nirvana House