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Travelling to Skopelos from Agios Konstantinos

Getting to beautiful Skopelos from Agios Konstantinos Port you have the following 2 options:

To Travel with:

  1. Ferry Boat that accepts passengers and vehicles 
  2. Flying Cat or Catamaran that accepts only passengers (no vehicles)

Trip duration

The ferry boat from Agios Konstantinos (Fthiotida) to Skopelos takes approximately 4 hours and 20 minutes.

The flying cat or Catamaran from Agios Konstantinos (Fthiotida) to Skopelos takes about 3 hours.

Tip: It takes less time for the ships to arrive at Loutraki port (Glossa of Skopelos), since it first stops there. When you book your tickets you need to specify which of the two ports you want to get off at. At Skopelos port or in Loutraki port (Glossa).


From Agios Konstantinos port, the ferries first take the stop to Skiathos then stops at Glossa Port on Skopelos island, continue to Skopelos port and continue for the last stop in Alonissos.

Distance Athens – Agios Konstantinos

Agios Konstantinos is about 170 km away from Athens. To arrive from Athens to Agios Konstantinos with your own vehicle, you will need about 1 hour 30 minutes. You will also find tolls on the route. The cost of tolls amounts to € 11 under current conditions. This cost may change.

Buses from Athens to Agios Konstantinos

In case you do not have your own vehicle, the ferry companies have buses for your transfer from Athens to Agios Konstantinos and vice versa.

The figures below are for the year 2018, we expect more data for the year 2019.

  • BLUE STAR FERRIES (FLYING CAT 5) in cooperation with HELLENIC TRAVEL NETWORK provides a bus for the route Athens – Agios Konstantinos. The specific route takes approximately 2 hours with one stop. The cost is € 17.50 per person. The offices of HELLENIC TRAVEL NETWORK, where you can take your tickets, are located at 12 Athinas Street in Monastiraki, near metro Monastiraki station. Contact numbers +30 210 2207400, +30 210 2207402, +30 210 3843220. The departure of the bus is made by Hellenic Travel Network, 12 Athina Street, Monastiraki.
  • The JETA TOURS office in cooperation with BLUE STAR FERRIES (FLYING CAT 5) and ANES FERRIES (SYMI ship) has buses for your transfer from Athens to Agios Konstantinos port and vice versa. The route Athens Agios Konstantinos takes about 2 hours with one stop. The Jeta Tours office is located in Syntagma Square, 54 Filellinon and 54 Niki Street, close to Syntagma Metro Station and Tram Station. Contact number: +30 210 3227353. The cost of the ticket is 15.50 € per person (students and children 5-12 years 12,00 €). The bus leaves the offices of Jeta Tours, Filellinon Street and 54, Nikis Syntagma Square.

Tip: There are always the bus stations in your area as well as private taxi companies.

Travel Cost

The trip to Skopelos from Agios Konstantinos is as follows:

By Boat


SYMI Passenger Vehicle up to 3,7m Vehicle exceeding  3,7 m


29,90 €

53,80 €

49,00 €

88,20 €

69,50 €

125,10 €

Infants and children up to 4 years travel for free, children from 5 -10 years have 50% discount..


Prices for 2019 have not yet been finalized. They will be communicated along with the itineraries. Here you will find the prices of 2018 so you can calculate the approximate cost of your trip.

Attention: The following values refer to the year 2018.

COST 47,00€ 54,00€

Infants and children up to 5 years travel for free, children from 6 -10 years have 50% discount.


The routes are as follows:



This year (2019) there is a slight delay in announcing the routes from Agios Konstantinos to Skopelos possibly due to the acquisition of HELLENIC SEAWAYS by the Attica group and BLUE STAR FERRIES.

In general you should know that the routes to Skopelos are usually as follows:

  • For the Easter period up to the Holy Spirit the routes are finalized just before Easter,
  • For the summer season, from May to August, itineraries are finalized shortly after Easter,
  • For September the routes are finalized in July.

Skopelos has a full season in July and August. So it’s a good idea to book your tickets on time.


Tickets can be booked via:

  1. tourist agencies (tourist offices of Skopelos) (tourist offices of Agios Konstantinos)
  2. in the offices of anes ferries. contact phone: +30 210 5237613, +30 2227023336 email
  3. at Blue Star Ferries offices. contact phone: +30 210 8919800, +30 18130, email
  4. via Internet.


General Information

The ship that goes from Agios Konstantinos to Sporades and Skopelos is called SYMI and is owned by ANES FERRIES, ANES LINES INDEPENDENT MARITIME. Contact Phone: +30 210 5237613, +30 2227023336  email , website:

The speed boat or catamaran that goes from Agios Konstantinos to Sporades and Skopelos is called FLYING CAT 5 or 6 and is owned by BLUE STAR FERRIES (recently acquired HELLENIC SEAWAYS). Contact Phone: +30 210 8919800, +30 18130, email,, website

If you would like to learn more about the port please contact:

  • Port Authority of Agios Konstantinos Tel: +30 22350 31759, +30 22353 50320
  • Port Authority of Skopelos Tel: +3024240 22180
  • Under the Port Authority of Skopelos Tel: +3024240 33033

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