Simili beach is an earthy heaven, aproach only be the sea, close Atheato settlement of Skopelos Island

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The impressive Simili beach is located close to the Atheato settlement of Skopelos Island. Atheato is in Glossa Village. To be more specific Simili beach Skopelos is located between Mari and Keramoto beaches.

It is not an exaggeration to refer to an earthly paradise that is untouched by human intervention. Just a unique landscape of unspoiled nature.

SImili beach remains peaceful even in high season. The specific beach is more popular with the locals than the tourists.

The crystal clear waters in combination with the rocky sea bottom will impress all visitors. The cliffs in combination with the  white pebbles create a majestic landscape. The sea waters are deep, so you can really enjoy swimming and also private sunbathing.

This beach belongs to the beaches that you can reach only by sea. It is accessible only by boat since there is no path to walk on land.

Some useful information for renting a boat in Skopelos. If you do not have your own boat you can rent one on Skopelos island to discover the only by-boat beaches. There are several tourist offices on the island for renting a boat. On the other hand, if you do have your own, everything you need you will find on the boat stores on the island.

The care and attention of all of us are necessary for the beautiful natural landscape of Skopelos to remain. We all need to respect the environment so that we can always admire the beauties of Skopelos Island. - Listing QR Code