Amarantos Cape – Beach

Amarantos beach is known from the scene of the movie Mamma Mia

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Would it not be dreamy to be under the pine trees in a natural pool with blue waters? Welcome to the small rocky beaches of Amarantos in Skopelos. Amarantos is a rocky cape with the main characteristic of the two curved pine trees that embrace the sea above the rock. The green of the pine trees, the white rocks, and the blue of the waters make up a magical landscape. The beach became largely known in the Mamma Mia film, with several scenes being shot there.

The locals call Amarandos beach a “swimming pool” because of the blue waters and calm almost always. The rocky coast is not suitable for swimming, but it is for diving and fishing. Amarantos beach – cape in Skopelos is not a straight beach but a location with small rocky bays.

The scenery is just as exciting at the bottom of the sea, below the surface. So if you dive, you will encounter naturally carved rocks over a sandy bottom. On the south side of the cape, a steep wall reaches 30 meters deep.

Location Amarantos Skopelos

The Amarantos beach is located from Skopelos after the beaches of Stafilos and Velanio a few meters before reaching the picturesque harbor of Agnontas. On your left, you will meet the dirt road leading to the white rock with the pine trees of Amarados.

Amarandos beach is located on the south side of Skopelos. There is a road network and an easily accessible beach. Park and within a few minutes on foot you have reached the idyllic landscape with the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. It is not an organized beach, nor is there a canteen nearby.

Amarantos was the sacred plant of the Inca tribe. It is an herbaceous plant found in dry mountainous areas. Its main feature is that it doesn’t wither easily.

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Amarantos Cape – Beach