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Welcome to Skopelos!

Who We Are

Behind the creation of the fully updated tourist guide, the website, there is a group of young people with a common element of love for the island. What is interesting is that our team is made up of people who are both from Skopelos and enthusiasts of the island, who were enchanted by the beauty of Skopelos and declared themselves unrepentant lovers and dropped anchor.

Our Goal

Our aim is to create an attractive and comprehensive tourist guide that will invite visitors to beautiful Skopelos island. To achieve this, we offer the possibility of free registration to all entrepreneurs, artists, creators of the island. The “locals” promote their businesses, their art, and their creations. So, tourists can find with one click the information they need in the most up-to-date tourist guide of Skopelos. The tips added daily by real locals who live and love their island make travelers’ research effective yet enjoyable.

Skopelos island, Sporades, Greece, greek island, mamma mia island

Welcome in Skopelos welcomes you to the greenest island of Greece, Skopelos in the Northern Sporades. is a website that provides tourists with all the necessary information for their trip, making their experience even more charming.

A first introduction and contact with the emerald island of Skopelos. The greenest island in the Mediterranean. The greenest island in the Aegean Sea. A paradise on earth awaits its visitors promising unforgettable moments and a unique experience.

Skopelos Beaches Limnonari Beach Aerial Photo

The green Skopelos belongs to the complex of the Northern Sporades. It is located between Skiathos and Alonissos and is the second-largest island of the Sporades. Skopelos combines in a magical way the green with the blue and the traditional with the modern element. An idyllic island of incredible contrasts, where nature has been magnificent. Unique matches that will fascinate the traveler, who will always want to return to rediscover the beauties of the island of Skopelos in the Northern Sporades.

Skopelos is famous for its enchanting beaches that satisfy all tastes. Organized beaches, cosmopolitan beaches, deserted beaches, easily accessible beaches, beaches for exploration, beaches with water sports, beaches with the most organized diving center in the Sporades, beaches with sea kayaks and SUP, beaches with beach bars.

Skopelos island, Sporades, Greece, greek island, mamma mia island

With the same ease that the visitor chooses a beach, he can choose his accommodation, as the island of Skopelos has properties for all tastes and budgets. From rooms for rent, studios, and apartments to villas with a swimming pool and a five-star hotel. The choice of accommodation will not trouble any traveler.

The uniqueness and beauty of Skopelos have not gone unnoticed by the wider public. Even Hollywood chose Skopelos for the filming of the famous movie “Mamma Mia“. Adding yet another title “Skopelos the island of Mamma Mia” among so many others.

Skopelos Greece Mamma Mia

Although the film was a huge success when it was first released in 2008, it is still a tourist attraction today. Skopelos is included in the international site and specifically in the article “7 movies that make us wish we were on a beach”. The Greek island of “Summer” is third in the ranking. With no mention of any other beach in a Greek or European destination. The island’s traditional charm and turquoise shores are fundamental reasons why somebody would love to be guests at that Skopelos wedding.

Skopelos the Green in Blue island, Skopelos the island with 365 churches, Skopelos the island of legends.

Skopelos Churches Agios Ioannis Photo

Green on Blue 

Skopelos was officially declared a Green and Blue Island on 5 July 1997 by the International Biopolitics Organisation. Besides, it is the greenest island in the Aegean and the Northern Sporades. In fact, it is considered the greenest island in all of Greece since more than 67% of the island’s area is covered by virgin pine forests. A warm request to all visitors of Skopelos, to love and take care of its forest, so that it can be there forever!

Skopelos Hotels Adrina Panormos

The special characteristic of Skopelos is its green beaches, where the pine trees literally take root in the sea. The green of the trees and the forest is in perfect harmony with the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky.

Exotic landscapes are created with the green of nature and the deep blue of the crystal clear seawater as dominators. The green of pine trees and forests mixes with the blue of the endless sea and sky, creating an earthly paradise that eagerly awaits every summer to enchant its visitors.

Skopelos Beaches Milia Beach Aerial Photo

But apart from the magnificent beaches, with the green landscape and the deep blue waters, the island of Skopelos has other beauties to see.

First of all, the imposing Chora of Skopelos has retained its traditional character through the years. Obviously, the designation “Traditional Settlement” officially by a presidential decree in 1978 (19/10/78 presidential decree 594, 13-11/78) is no coincidence.  The architecture of the capital of Skopelos has remained unchanged in time.

Skopelos island, Sporades, Greece, greek island, mamma mia island

Skopelos Town captivates visitors with its stately appearance, the whitewashed cobbled streets with the fragrance of the bougainvillea, and its picturesque appearance.

The beauty of Skopelos is surrounded by various legends that add a sense of mystery. Most of the toponyms also reveal a story. The past and the present are embraced. Travelers enjoy the charm of the island all the time. The imprint of legends combined with the unique beauty of the natural landscape is there to prove that Skopelos is not just another island in Greece for the summer holidays. It is a paradise on earth that offers unforgettable summer holidays.

Myths and History of Skopelos

Famous for its aphrodisiac wine, home of Olympic champions, plundered by pirates, the history of Skopelos dates back to ancient times. When Peparithos, together with his brother Staphylos, sons of the princess of Knossos Ariadne and the mythical wine god Dionysus, grandsons of King Minos, first inhabited the island of the Sporades. Known at that time as Peparithos, hence the well-known ‘Peparithios wine’. The famous wine of Skopelos, a type of red wine (brousko), was known from the coast of Marseilles to the Black Sea.

skopelos history

In later times, St.Riginos fought with the dragon that ruled Skopelos for 400 years (Draconian schism), and of course, he won, the pirate Andrina hid her treasure and then fell from the rock, and many more treasures and myths that are still alive today. Either through place names or through customs and traditions.

skopelos hotels adrina beach sunset

Prince Stafilos and the pirate Antrina have given their names to the homonymous beaches, while even today the “perarithios wine” is used in the construction of every building to make it solid.

Saint Riginos remains the patron saint and protector of the island. Visitors will often hear the names Rigas and Rigina during their holidays. The patron saint and patron saint of Skopelos is celebrated on 24 February. The monastery is located where the locals buried the saint. A great celebration is organized in his honor on 24 and 25 February, with a large procession of the saint’s relics through the streets of Skopelos.

Meet Skopelos Island

The visitor will immediately be dazzled by the green-blue canvas of Skopelos. The only thing that breaks the green in the blue pattern of the island is the white houses in Chora and the settlements of the island. From the traditional Chora, the picturesque Old Klima, the seaside New Klima or Elios, the popular Stafylos, the port of Agnontas and Loutraki, the cosmopolitan Panormos, and the high village of Glossa.

Skopelos Villages Palio Klima Aerial Photo

Nature favored Skopelos by giving it two mountains (Delphi and Palouki). There is no point where a human eye can turn without seeing a pine tree. The natural landscape of Skopelos is ideal for visitors who love adventure during their summer holidays. Lovers of hiking and cycling will simply go crazy.

Skopelos Cycling Biking Bicycle

Its geographical position is also unique as it meets all four points of the horizon. Wherever the traveler chooses to enjoy the sunrise or sunset, they will not be disappointed.

Ride in Skopelos

On Mount Palouki the visitor will be delighted with the route, especially if he is a hiking enthusiast, and with the monasteries and the solemn climate, he will encounter.

Skopelos Monasteries Agios Ioannis Prodromos Photo

Another unique characteristic of this special island of Northern Sporades is the number of churches and temples. 365…as many as the days of the year. The oldest church on the island is Agios Athanasios, in Kastro, dating back to the 11th century.

The Chora of Skopelos from the high Venetian Castle to the port is ideal for a walk. Every alley holds a little surprise.  Depending on what you are looking for, you will either be impressed by the churches, the Panagitsa of Pyrgos, Sotiros, Evangelistria or you will enjoy shopping in the well-kept shops of the town, some with modern items and others with the local traditional products of the island.

Skopelos Folklore Museums Nikolaidis Photo

The traveler will admire unique exhibits at the Folklore Museum of Skopelos,  the Vakratsa Mansion, the house of Pavlos Nirvana, and the Ancient Asclepius in the area of Abeliki.

Traditional local delicacies include plums, sweet egg, hamalia, and rosedes (almond and walnut sweets respectively) as well as a wide variety of spoon sweets.

Σκόπελος, Σποράδες, πληροφορίες για τη Σκόπελο

The traditional products are related to the rich ecosystem of Skopelos. Apart from the pine trees, Skopelos is full of olive trees, plane trees, and many fruit trees. The protagonists are plums and almond trees. The beehives produce first-quality honey.

Skopelos is famous for its folk art, shipbuilders, potters, painters, craftsmen of skillful knives offer excellent pieces of high aesthetics. The artisans-craftsmen are happy to receive visits to their workshops.

Σκόπελος Σποράδες, πληροφορίες, πρώτη γνωριμία

Nightlife, Fun- Eating in Skopelos

Skopelos, among other places, is the birthplace of the rebetis Giorgos Xintaris, who became famous to the general public through his participation in the television series “Minore of Dawn”. The return of “Minore of the Dawn” to the theatre has a nice surprise in store. As, the sons of Giorgos Xintaris, Antonis and Thodoris Xintaris deservedly follow in his rebetika footsteps.

Nevertheless, the nightlife in Skopelos is not limited to the rebetiko scene. Mainly in the capital of the island, there are many modern cafes and bars of all kinds. From jazz to cocktail bars. Every bar and café on the island has its own unique color that characterizes the general culture of the island anyway.

Σκόπελος, Σποράδες, πρώτη γνωριμία, πληροφορίες, μπλε και πράσινο νησί

Another strong point of Skopelos is its cuisine, the varied choices, the well-kept taverns, and restaurants. The visitor will enjoy the delicious Skopelos food at affordable prices.

Σκόπελος, Σποράδες, πρώτη γνωριμία, πληροφορίες για το πράσινο και μπλε νησί

The traditional Skopelos Cheese Pie is the master of the local cuisine. Delicious recipes are made with local plums. The local goat is the star of many menus.

Skopelos Beaches

Most of Skopelos’ crystal clear beaches are easily accessible since the main road of the island passes by most of the beaches before ending up at the port of Glossa, Loutraki.

Skopelos Velanio Beach

Starting from the legendary Stafylos, which if the visitor crosses, he will find the only nudist beach of the island, Velanio (4 km from Chora). The road continues to Limnonari, with its calm waters and the small harbor of Agnontas with its fish taverns  (8 km from Chora). The next stop is the popular Panormos (18 km from Chora), followed by Andrina to reach the most beautiful beach of Skopelos, Milia (21 km from Chora). The next stop is the famous Kastani beach (22 km from Chora), where many filming of the movie Mamma Mia took place.

Skopelos Hovolo Beach Seaview Photo

Elios, Hovolo, Glysteri, Glyfoneri, Chondrogianni,  Perivoliou, Amarantos, Armenopetra and the list does not end at the enchanting turquoise beaches of Skopelos.

Skopelos Agnontas Beach Seaview Photo

Visitors with a boat will be able to discover many small beaches and bays of Skopelos. Two marine attractions are firstly the Christoforos shipwreck in Panormos and the Marine Park of the Northern Sporades, where the Mediterranean seal resides, in neighboring Alonissos. Every day, small boats make interesting daily excursions to the beaches of Skopelos and neighboring beaches such as the small islands of Kyra-Panagia.

Skopelos over the Years

Skopelos has not only been inhabited since the early ancient times but has always been a powerful island with strength. That is why it has remained authentic through the years, from the Mycenaean times, Byzantium, the Venetians, the pirates, and even today.

It was an access point to the flourishing trade, as it was a station to the Black Sea. It has a tradition of shipbuilding, with many residents employed in the tarsanades (small shipyards).

When the first motor ships appeared, people again adapted. Some became sailors, others took advantage of the island’s natural wealth and took up farming and agriculture.

With the passage of time, when the first tourists made their first appearance, around the 1960s, the inhabitants started to engage in tourism. To this day, with Skopelos’ international recognition, most locals work in tourism.

Welcome and enjoy Skopelos!

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