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Skopelos welcomes you to the greenest island of the Aegean and Greece, Skopelos. The website was designed to help travelers discover places where locals spend their time on this green island.

The emerald island of Skopelos belongs to the Northern Sporades. It is located between Skiathos and Alonissos. The green-blue island. Green to Blue. The island of Mamma Mia.

Tips are added by real locals who live and love their island. The unique Skopelos. The idea was born in 1998 ‘, the creation of a guide that would help users “dive” deep into the local lifestyle. A fully informed online guide with all the necessary information.

SKOPELOS.COM is a “market” where locals can view information about their businesses in Skopelos, and travelers can find authentic local experiences. is the first travel guide 360 ​​panoramic tours of Skopelos. Hiking with panoramic and static professional photos, traditional restaurants, local recipes, the geography of the place, traditional products, night entertainment suggestions, bar cafes, excursions – day trips, outdoor activities such as cycling, kayaking, scuba diving – just what you are looking for.

The travel guide includes useful information on how to get to Skopelos, your accommodation (hotels, studios, apartments, houses, villas, pool villas, rooms, hostels), car and boat rental, transportation of visitors – taxis, buses, health center, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, local market, island arts, museums, sights, and archeological sites.

The travel guide is updated daily with lots of photos.

Welcome & Enjoy Skopelos Island!

Skopelos Island. The Northern Sporades. Skiathos Skopelos Alonissos Skyros. A first acquaintance and contact with the emerald island of Skopelos. An earthly paradise awaits you to spend unforgettable moments.

Skopelos magically combines green with blue as well as the traditional with the modern element. An island of incredible contrasts, where nature has grown. Unique combinations that will captivate the tourists, who will always want to return to rediscover the beauties of the green island in the Northern Sporades.

Skopelos is the greenest island of the Aegean and the Northern Sporades. It is essentially considered the greenest island in Greece since about 80% of the island is covered by virgin pine forests. The special feature of the island is its green beaches. The pines literally take root in the sea. The green of the trees and nature comes in perfect harmony with the blue of the sea and the blue of the sky. Exotic landscapes are created starring the green of nature and the turquoise but also the deep blue of the seawater.

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Green on Blue Island

Skopelos was officially declared on July 5, 1997, by the International Organization for Biopolitics as the Green and Blue Island.

The care and attention of tourists are necessary for the beauty and natural landscape of this island to remain as it is. Let us all together with respect to the natural beauty so that we can always admire the forest of this unique green island. Let our actions always be guided by the preservation of this unique green landscape. Thank you in advance.

Getting to Skopelos

You can reach Skopelos by boat or by air via Skiathos airport. The island has three ports. The port of Chora, Loutraki (the port of Glossa), and Agnontas.

In fact, Chora has two ports, the Old Port, which is protected, and the new port, where all ships and catamarans dock.

In Agnontas, ships are usually moored when bad weather does not allow access to the other two. From the summer of 2020, there is a direct line Mantoudi EviaAgnontas.

To reach Skopelos by plane (Skiathos), you will land at Skiathos airport. From there by taxi to the port of Skiathos and will pass to the island of Skopelos either by conventional ferries or by water taxi.

To reach Skopelos by boat you will go to the following ports:

1)Agios Konstantinos of Fthiotida, 2)Mantoudi of Evia, 3)Kymi of Evia, and 4) Volos Magnesia

The boats that travel to Skopelos are the conventional ships PROTEUS and SYMI of the company ANES FERRIES, the conventional ship EXPRESS SKIATHOS and the catamaran FLYING CAT 5 of the company BLUE STAR FERRIES, the flying dolphin of AEGEAN FLYING DOLPHINS company and ACHILLEAS ship of the company SKYROS LINES.

The above itineraries refer to the lines of Mantoudi EviaVolosAgios Konstantinos, and Kymi.

Skopelos Beaches

Skopelos is widely known for its idyllic beaches with emerald clear sea waters embraced by pine trees. It is no coincidence that the beaches of Skopelos are considered by many to be the most beautiful in the Aegean. The pines harmoniously frame the coast, creating natural shade and an unforgettable landscape. The reality is that you will not easily find this special setting in other islands of Greece.

In Skopelos, there are beaches for all tastes and all moods. Organized beaches, beaches with beach bars, family beaches, beaches to discover, beaches easily accessible, sandy beaches, pebble beaches. beaches accessible only by boat, beaches near Chora, beaches in Chora, and even a nudist beach.

The most popular beaches are located on the northwest side of Skopelos. No visitor will leave the island with a complaint. If there are sandy beaches, pebble beaches, beaches ideal for families, and beaches with beach bars.

Glysteri, Glyfoneri, Stafylos, Velanio, Amarantos, Limnonari, Agnontas, Panormos, Andrines, Milia, Kastani, Hovolo, Armenopetra, Perivoliou, Loutraki.

The only sure thing is that whichever beach you choose, you will be enchanted by the transparency of the seawater.

Traditional Chora of Skopelos

The Town is built amphitheatrical and extends from the Castle to the bottom of the port. At the edge of Chora, you can see the popular church Panagitsa of Pyrgos. Every single spot will enchant the visitor with the picturesque alleys, the countless churches, and the architecture of the houses.

Chora has the official title of the traditional settlement. It deservedly received the title in 1978 with a presidential decree (19/10/78 presidential decree 594, 13-11 / 78). The architecture of Chora has remained unchanged over the years. The Chora emerges a mansion presence.

The Beautiful Villages of Skopelos

The picturesque villages of Skopelos exude the authenticity of the town. They all have their own character and their own rhythm.

This picturesque fishing village is surrounded by pine trees. What an authentic seaside place. Agnontas is a busy area with plenty of accommodation. On the beach, you will find picturesque taverns with tables literally at the point where the wave is popping.

The seaside Panormos is popular for its idyllic sunsets and crystal clear waters. Panormos is a popular destination as it has everything a traveler may need. A variety of accommodation, of tavernas and cafes on the beach as well as seasonal shops.

Loutraki village is located below Glossa and is the second port of Skopelos. It offers comfortable accommodation for a pleasant stay. In Loutraki, you will find taverns, cafés, and bars.

Glossa is the second-largest settlement on the island. It is a picturesque town with traditional architecture and mansions. In the lovely alleys, you will find taverns, cafés, and bars.

Palio Klima:
The lush and picturesque village of Paleo Klima is amphitheatrically built on the mountain. The houses are stone-built and face the Aegean Sea.

Neo Klima – Elios:
The seaside Neo Klima or Elios is considered a blessed place. Fanatic visitors visit it every summer as it offers them a wonderful sea, comfortable accommodation, traditional dining in the taverns, and fun in the cafes.

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Legends and History of Skopelos

Legends of Skopelos

Skopelos island is surrounded by countless legends. A kind of mystery hovers over the island, as apart from the legends, there are also some well-hidden “treasures“! Each place hides a special story with a special meaning. The legends and treasures of Skopelos can only seduce and charm the traveler.

Prince Stafylos, the pirate Andrina, Agios Riginos, the dragon slit, the sentoukia, the island of Dassia, Mount Palouki, Glyfoneri.

History of Skopelos

The history of Skopelos officially begins in the 16th century BC. The first name of the island was Peparithos. The first inhabitants were Prince Peparithos and Prince Stafylos, sons of the god Dionysus and Ariadne and grandchildren of King Minoas of Crete. In those years Skopelos has to show its wine, olive oil, shipping, and the gold medalist of the Olympic Games Agnontas.

The glorious history continues with Agios Riginos during the 2nd century AD. It continued during the Byzantine period, hence the magnificent Venetian castle. The island was repeatedly attacked by pirates.

Due to shipping, the island has always been a rich commercial center.

The legends together with the history of Skopelos come to life in front of the visitors, meeting the present, creating an unsurpassed atmosphere that makes all the moments unforgettable. Holidays on the green and blue island are a special experience. The island of mamma mia is much more than a tourist island.


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Worthseeing in Skopelos

But beyond the enchanting beaches, with the green landscape and the clear blue waters, our island, the beautiful and at the same time green Skopelos has other beauties to show. Chora, villages, monasteries, archeological sites, and other attractions.

It is no coincidence that the producers of the famous film Mamma Mia chose the specific island for most of their shootings.


In the hidden diamond of the Aegean, it is worth visiting the monasteries on Mount Palouki (Monastery of Evangelistria, the Holy Monastery of Sotiros, Prodromos, Agia Varvara, and Taxiarchis) as well as the Monastery of Agios Taxiarchis in Vatos and Agios Riginos outside Chora. Agios Riginos is also the Patron Saint of the island.

The museums of Skopelos will travel to the visitor to the old times by giving a clear picture of the great culture of the inhabitants of the island of Skopelos. The traditional Skopelos costume deserves special mention.

The Folklore Museum of Skopelos, as well as the Mansion Vakratsa, and the house of Pavlos Nirvana are located in the town of the island.

In Glossa village, travelers can visit the Folklore Museum of Glossa and the Maritime Museum.

Archaeological sitesWORTH SEEING

A walk in the archeological sites will create to the visitors shocking impressions related to the long history of Skopelos island. Sentoukia or carved tombs on Mount Delphi, the Asklepieion in the area of ​​Ampeliki in Chora, the tomb of Stafilos on the homonymous beach, the Venetian castle high in Chora, the wall of the Castle of Selinous in Loutraki, the wall of the Castle of Selinous in Katakalos Loutraki.

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walk in the picturesque alleys of Chora, visit Panagitsa of Pyrgos, taste the traditional Skopelos cheese pie and the traditional almonds and plums sweets, enjoy local recipes, visit the museums of the island, visit the archeological sites, take a visit to the Monasteries on Mount Palouki, go up to the legendary church of Ai Giannis in Kastri known from the famous movie Mamma Mia, try outdoor recreation activities, do scuba diving, go hiking, do night cycling, go kayaking, make daily trips and sea excursions, visit the village of Glossa, listen to authentic rebetika notes at the tavern of George Xintaris, visit the workshops of local artists (potters, painters, shipbuilders, traditional knife makers, etc.) who have kept alive the tradition between the centuries, buy handmade jewelry, clothes, samples of folk art, and various souvenirs from the markets, enjoy the idyllic sunset, taste local delicacies in the taverns of the Chora, the villages, and even on the beaches, have fun at the beach bars of the island, enjoy summer cocktails in the bars and cafes, enjoy the nightlife


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