Chlia Stefani

Chlia Stefani is an exotic, tranquil beach that can be reached only by boat

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Chlias Stefani Beach on Skopelos Island is an exotic beach that you can approach only by boat.

Imagine being on a virgin, exotic beach with turquoise crystal clear water, white pebbles, and small silver rocks, and feeling the coolness of the pine trees while they are touching the shore of the sea. Keep dreaming, that you are alone on that enchanting beach since there are no human activities yet and you can approach only by boat.

Doesn’t it feel great being a real part of nature? Isn’t it perfect the tranquility of this extraordinary landscape?

Stop imagining, it is not a scene from a movie, it is another perfect Greek beach on Skopelos island. Just visit Greek islands and especially the Northern Sporades where the green touches the blue. Visit Skopelos island, the greenest Greek island of the Aegean.

The beach described above is the exotic Chlia Stefani beach in Skopelos. The stunning beach of Chlia Stefani is on the northern coast of the island. To be precise, it is located between Glistleri Beach and Ai Giannis Beach. You can reach the specific beach of the island only by boat.

If you do not have a boat you can rent one on Skopelos island to discover the only by boat beaches. There are tourist offices for renting a boat. On the other hand, if you do have your own, everything you need you will find on the boat stores on the island.

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