Agnontas Port

Agnontas port is the alternative port of Skopelos , in case of bad weather conditions

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Agnontas is a small seaside village with a port on the southwest coast of Skopelos Island. It is located just 8 kilometers away from Chora.

The Agnontas port is an alternative port, for the ferry boats and the catamarans, in cases of bad weather. Therefore, Agnontas is the alternative port for all kinds of ships in cases where due to bad weather conditions the main port of Chora and the Glossa- Loutraki port are not in operation.

So, all the ships and the companies can land in Agnontas. For example the conventional ships PROTEUS and SYMI of the company ANES FERRIES, the conventional ship EXPRESS SKIATHOS and the catamaran FLYING CAT 5 of the company BLUE STAR FERRIES, the catamaran ships  PAROS JET and CHAMPION JET 1 of the company SEA JETS and the flying dolphins of AEGEAN FLYING DOLPHINS company.

All the above itineraries refer to the lines Mantoudi Evia – Glossa, Volos - Glossa, Agios Konstantinos- Skopelos. The only reasons to follow an itinerary that stops at Agnontas are the adverse weather conditions and many Beaufort.

On the other hand, the ordinary summer itinerary Mantoudi to Agnontas is only operated by ANES Ferries and the ship Proteas. Moreover, the specific route offers a direct trip without stops at any other port.

Agnontas Village

Agnontas is mainly famous for the fish tavernas. It is a picturesque fishing village. Agnontas Harbor is naturally protected by bad weather elements. As a result, most fishermen prefer to moor their boats there.

At Agnontas there is also a bus station, hotels, studios, and apartments. Taxi drivers serve Agnontas port as well. Agnontas is the alternative port of Skopelos.

From a historical point of view, the harbor took its name from the champion athlete of the Ancient Olympic Games in 569 BC. His name was Agnontas. So, in his honor, the harbor has his name till nowadays.


Some basic geographical data regarding Agnontas Port in Skopelos island are the following:
The Longitude of the specific port is 23o 42′ 40.57″ E, while the Latitude is 39o 04′ 59.35″ N, and the Altitude is 20 meters.
Agnontas port offers the possibility of a helicopter landing.
Finally, because Agnontas is a beach, is under the authority of the Ministry of Environment Inspection.

Agnontas 370 03 GR
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Agnontas Port