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How to get to Skopelos by boat. Travel to Skopelos from Athens. Evia Mantoudi to Skopelos.

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Traveling to Skopelos from Mantoudi Evia


For this summer of 2020, due to the Covid-19, there are new safety rules and conditions that every passenger must follow faithfully. To travel with the ferry PROTEUS or SYMI of ANES FERRIES you must fill in the “Pre-boarding health declaration questionnaire” and follow the instructions of the company.

Tip: Travelling from Athens – Mantoudi port to Skopelos is a cheaper and faster way to do so.

Route Tables, Timetables, Itineraries

From Mantoudi in Evia, the ferry services to Skopelos take place throughout the year, summer, and winter period. In the summer period though there are approximately 6-7 schedules a week. While in the remaining months there are approximately 2-3 times a week. ship timetables.

For more information please visit the anes ferries itineraries website.

PROTEUS itineraries.

SYMI itineraries.


Trip duration

The boat ride from Mantoudi, Evia to Skopelos takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes. Depending on which route PROTEUS or SYMI boat will follow. There are three ports on Skopelos Island. Glossa Loutraki, Agnontas, and Skopelos port.


The most frequent itinerary is first to make a stop at Skiathos port and then continues to Skopelos port or Glossa port or Agnontas Port. But there are also alternative routes. The ferry boat can make the first stop at Alonissos and then continue on to Skopelos since it covers the Northern Sporades. Ship timetables.

Tip:  By booking your tickets you should also ask about the ferry route since there are alternative οnes. Check also in which port you disembark, Skopelos port (Chora), Agnontas, or Loutraki Port (Glossa).

Travel Cost, Tickets, Prices

The trip to Skopelos from Mantoudi in Evia is the cheapest one.

PASSENGER VEHICLE up to 3,7m VEHICLE exceeding 3,7 m
ONE WAY 19,80 € 42,00 € 55,00€
ROUND TRIP 37,60€ 79,80€ 104,50€

Infants and children up to 4 years travel for free, children from 5 -10 years have 50% discount.

Distance Athens – Mantoudi

Mantoudi is about 140 km away from Athens.

To get from Athens to Mantoudi, with your own vehicle, you will need approximately 2 hours.

TIP: BE CAREFUL since the road approaching the harbor has several turns.

If you do not have your own vehicle, you can go by bus (KTEL) from KTEL Liosia or KTEL Evia. 

The cost is at 14.00 € simple transfer and 26.00 € with the return.

Useful contacts:

KTEL LIOSION tel:. +30 2108317186, +30 2108317173 

KTEL EVIA tel: +30 2108317163, +30 2108317153, +30 2108315923, +30 22210 22640.

KTEL LIOSION Address: 260 Liosion, Athens – Kato Patissia – Three Bridges

KTEL EVIA Address: Stiron 1, Chalkida

The KTEL bus takes approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.

ANES FERRIES during the summer period offer you free transfer from the port of Skopelos to the port of Glossa and vice versa.

Tip: It is better to make sure that this free shuttle service operates from and to the Skopelos and Loutraki ports.


Booking Tickets

Tickets can be booked via:

  1. tourist agencies (tourist offices of Skopelos)
  2. in the offices of anes ferries. contact phone: +30 210 5237613, +30 2227023336 email
  3. Mantoudi vendors Phone Number +30 2227023336
  4. via internet.

General Information

ANES LINES travels to Skopelos from Mantoudi with the ferry boat PROTEUS and SYMI.

Phone number: +30 210 5237613, +30 2227023336.   



Mantoudi in Evia is a relatively new harbor, which has been operating for the last decade.

If you would like to get more information about the ports please contact:

  • Port Authority of Mantoudi Tel: +30 22270 22020
  • Port Authority of Skopelos Tel: +3024240 22180
  • Under the Port Authority of Skopelos Tel: +3024240 33033


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