Ai Giannis Spilia

Make sure you don’t miss it since it is naturally hidden by a huge rock formation at its entrance

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The picturesque church of Agios Ioannis, Kastri, towers high, and as we go downhill we meet the small but enchanting beach of Spilia. Spilia beach of Skopelos will amaze you with the clarity of the crystal clear waters and the pine trees that are almost rooted in the seawater offering their shade. Enjoy unlimited view of the Aegean Sea. The beach is on the north side of Skopelos.

Spilia Beach is located in a small bay. The bay is protected from the weather, since at the entrance there is a big rocky formation. The sandy beach with fine pebble reminds visitors of a small seaside hug. The translucent waters create a sense of a swimming pool.

Hollywood producers of Mamma Mia movie chose Agios Giannis Church to film many scenes. So the chapel and the beaches became very popular destinations.

Spilia beach of Skopelos does not have deck chairs. The pine-covered scenery along with the turquoise waters give you moments of absolute relaxation and tranquility. There is no human intervention on the beach.

The beach is accessible to sailing boats and yachts.

To reach Spilia beach of Skopelos you will follow the dirt road that starts from the church of Panagia. (You’ll meet it just before you reach Ai Giannis Kastri). There you will park your car. Walking along this first dirt road you will find the path that will take you to skopelos Spilia Beach. It’s a wonderful route through beautiful natural scenery. The area is suitable for hiking.

When there are winds and waves in the port of Skopelos, Spilia beach will also have waves and winds.


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