Blo Bay

Blo Bay in Panormos, is known for its picturesque scenery, and it is a popular spot for sailors and yacht boats.

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Panormos beach is one of the most popular beaches on the green-on-blue Skopelos Island. It is a very beautiful beach, spacious, well organized, and with numerous beach bars and tavernas.

However, many people prefer more isolated beaches. Skopelos offers also beaches to discover.

More specifically, on the other side of the majestic Panormos Beach is the absolutely amazing bay of Blo. Blo Bay is an impressive scenery since it is a natural small harbor.

Most of the people approach the bay by boat. Although there is a walking path, actually a dirt road, before the Panormos turn.

Blo is a great shelter for sailors and yacht boats. It is protected by the winds. In fact, swimming at Blo feels like swimming in a lake.

This cove is known for its calm waters and, as already noted, is a popular spot for swimming and sailing. However, sailors should be mindful of sudden gusts of wind from the northwest, as the hard bottom may not provide a stable anchor point.

Blo Bay, next to Panormos beach, is approximately 12 kilometers away from Skopelos Chora. By car is more or less around 20 minutes.

What makes Skopelos beaches so extraordinary is the rich lushness of the island. For those who do not know Skopelos island is the greenest of the Northern Sporades and the Aegean. More than 80% of the island’s area is covered by pine forests. The special feature of Skopelos is its green beaches. The pines literally take root on the shore of the sea. Skopelos has also the title of green on the blue island. - Listing QR Code

Blo Bay