Hovolo Beach

Hovolo beach will transport you to a seemingly exotic place

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Hovolo is a beautiful exotic beach with fine sand, stunning white rocks, and crystal clear aquamarine waters framed by a pine forest. It is located in the village of Neo Klima-Elios on the west side of Skopelos. Hovolo Beach, due to its enchanting landscape, was included in the Telegraph’s list of the 17 most beautiful beaches in Greece. It is not easily accessible because you have to get through a rough trail and some rocks that are in the sea. The further we get, the more beautiful the bottom of the sea is.

Moreover, the green pine trees rooted in the white rocks create a cool shade. The white fine sand along with the turquoise waters make up the exotic beauty of the beach. The rocks that surround it are ideal for bold dives. Hovolo Beach is not organized, so you should have water, food, and umbrellas since Elios is 700 meters away. However, Mandalaki Cafe is next to the beach.

Hovolo Beach Skopelos belongs to the west side of Skopelos. You will find it in the settlement of Elios after Kastani which is 14 km from Skopelos Town. The drive from Chora is about 26 minutes. Arriving at Neo Klima- Elios you will find signs that lead you to the beach.


Hovolo Beach Skopelos starts at the south side of the village, on one side you will see the harbor, and on the other the rocks. You will park your car near the sea, at the end of the street, there is parking.

You will turn left on foot from the beach of the settlement. Part of the route passes through the sea. Going towards the main beach you will find 2-3 small bays. Sea shoes will make it easier to walk. Good weather will make Hovolo’s beach more comfortable. The clarity of the waters, the magnificent scenery, and the magnificent sunset will convince you to visit the beautiful beach again.

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