Skopelos Port Chora

Skopelos Port in Chora is the major port of the island

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The major port of Skopelos Island is in Skopelos Chora. This is a new, large in size, and well-maintained port. It is located in the middle of Chora. The old port, which is preserved, is on the left edge of the town, under the popular church Panagitsa of Pyrgos. All ships and catamarans of course dock at the new port.

The vessels that travel to Skopelos Town port are the conventional ships PROTEUS and SYMI of the company ANES FERRIES, the conventional ship EXPRESS SKIATHOS and the catamaran FLYING CAT 5 of the company BLUE STAR FERRIES, the catamaran ships  PAROS JET and CHAMPION JET 1 of the company SEA JETS, the flying dolphins of AEGEAN FLYING DOLPHINS company and ACHILLEAS ship of the company SKYROS LINES.

The above itineraries refer to the lines Mantoudi Evia – Skopelos, Volos – Skopelos, Agios Konstantinos- Skopelos, Thessaloniki-Skopelos, and Kymi – Skopelos.

There are itineraries throughout the year only from Volos to Skopelos with the Skiathos Express ferry of Hellenic Seaways (Blue Star Ferries) and the flying Dolphin Erato by Aegean Flying Dolphins

The Sea Jets ships and the PROTEAN and SYMI boats of Anes Ferries operate seasonally only during the summer period, from June to October.

Opposite both ports, there are tourist ticket agencies. There are also cafes and taverns in both ports.

The taxi and local bus stops are just to the left of the new port. A few meters away is the municipal parking lot of Chora.

Skopelos Port Authority’s telephone number is +30 24240 22180.


Some extra information regarding the types of vessels that enter Skopelos Chora Port.
The longest boat is 105 meters long. The max deadweight of a vessel is 2454 tonnes. While the maximum draught of a ship is 4,5 meters.

Skopelos Island belongs to the complex of the Northern Sporades in the Aegean Sea of Greece, in the East Mediterranean. The exact coordinates are N 39° 07′ 34.01″ – E 023° 44′ 02.41″. The l UN/Locode is GRSKO. It is also referred to as SCOPELOS. - Listing QR Code

Skopelos Port Chora