Getting to Skopelos

How to get to Skopelos, Getting to Northern Sporades, Travelling to Skopelos

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Getting to the Northern Sporades.

Skopelos Sporades Skiathos Alonnisos timetables ferries ferry ticket prices routs Volos  Thessaloniki Mantoudi Athens islands

ALL SCHEDULES are from NORTHERN SPORADES, SKIATHOS, SKOPELOS, ALONISSOS from Volos, Evia Mantoudi, and Thessaloniki. By Plane.

Itineraries, routes, and ports: Skopelos, Glossa, Agnontas.
Ports: Mantoudi, Volos, Thessaloniki, Agios Konstantinos.
Airport: Skiathos airport-  Alexandros Papadiamantis


This section covers some basic useful information on how to get to Skopelos. We provide a detailed description of each route in the corresponding sections. (By ship ferry boat, by airplane)
Skopelos is located in the Northern Sporades. It is between Skiathos and Alonissos. The usual way to get there is by boat, catamaran, or flying dolphin. However, you can fly to Skiathos and from Skiathos get there.


The main ports of our island are Chora, Loutraki in Glossa, and Agnontas.

Travelers from South Greece – Athens

Those who come from southern Greece and Athens  have the following choices:

  1. Go from Mantoudi Evia (24 nm)
  2. Travel from Agios Konstantinos Fthiotida (61 nm) IN THE SUMMER OF 2024 THERE WILL BE NO SERVICES

Travelers from Northern Greece

Those traveling from Northern Greece have one choice:

  1. Go from Volos (60 nautical miles)
  2. Go from Thessaloniki  FOR SUMMER 2024 WE ARE AWAITING INFORMATION

Usually, the ferries first stop at Skiathos, continue to Skopelos ports, and finally stop at Alonissos.


Traveling in Skopelos, Skopelos routes, Shipping companies



Although Skopelos does not have an airport you can use Skiathos Airport, (Skiathos Town Airport Alexandros Papadiamantis JSI).
From Skiathos, frequent ferries to Skopelos and water taxis make it even easier for you to travel.
Airline companies have specific timetables and you can book your tickets very early.

general information

TIP 1: This lush island has a full season in July and August. So booking your ticket and making your reservations on time is a good idea.

TIP 2: You should know that the itineraries are scheduled as follows:

  • during the Easter period up to the Holy Spirit, the routes are finalized just before Easter,
  • in the Summer season, from May to August, itineraries are finalized shortly after Easter,
  • In September the routes are finalized in July. - Listing QR Code

Getting to Skopelos