Loutraki Port – Glossa

Loutraki port is the second major port of Skopelos Island and the seaport of Glossa Village

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Loutraki Port is the seaport of Glossa and the second major port of Skopelos Island. It is the first port you reach coming from the mainland of Greece or Skiathos island.

Loutraki port or the port of Glossa is on the northeast coast of Skopelos Island.

The ships that travel to Loutraki or Glossa port are the conventional ships PROTEUS and SYMI of the company ANES FERRIES, the conventional ship EXPRESS SKIATHOS and the catamaran FLYING CAT 5 of the company BLUE STAR FERRIES, the catamaran ships  PAROS JET and CHAMPION JET 1 of the company SEA JETS and the flying dolphins of AEGEAN FLYING DOLPHINS company.

The above itineraries refer to the lines Mantoudi Evia – Glossa, Volos - Glossa, Agios Konstantinos- Skopelos.

There are itineraries throughout the year only from Volos to Glossa with the Skiathos Express ferry of Hellenic Seaways (Blue Star Ferries) and the flying Dolphin Erato by Aegean Flying Dolphins.

The Sea Jets ships and the PROTEAN and SYMI boats of Anes Ferries operate seasonally. This means only during the summer period, from June to October.

Be careful when booking tickets for Loutrski Port – Glossa Port. Search for the port of the Glossa instead of Loutraki, since all ferries companies use the name of Glossa port.

Many travelers prefer Loutraki Port Glossa harbor. They find it convenient because they save an hour of being on the ship from Skopelos – Glossa. By car, someone will need about 45 minutes to reach Skopelos Chora. Also, Glossa-Skiathos is only half an hour away.

Not only ferries dock in the harbor area but also small boats and yachts sail from here around the beautiful beaches of Skopelos.

Glossa Port has also bus and taxi stations. In addition, it is easily connected to the villages and beaches of the island.

Loutraki –  Glossa Port

Loutraki Port in the past used to be just a harbor that only served Glossa Village. Nevertheless, nowadays it has developed into an admirable tourist destination.

Since there are many hotels, studios, and apartments for a pleasant stay. Moreover, there are nice tavernas and cafes as well as some seasonal shops. Last but not least, in Loutraki Port, someone can swim to one of the two pebbly beaches of the Glossa harbor.

The ancient name of Loutraki was Selinounda. Today someone can see the ruins of the walls of the city which flourished in the 4th century B.C.


The telephone of the port authority in Glossa Village is +30 24240 33033.

The Longitude of Loutraki port is 23o 36′ 46.15″ E.
While the Latitude of the Glossa harbor is 39o 10′ 01.51″ N.

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