Glysteri Beach

A closed bay with a pebbled beach near Skopelos town

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Skopelos Beaches

Is there an idyllic beach with crystal clear aquamarine waters, fine pebbles and pine trees that embrace with their freshness and shade? This enchanting landscape is called Glysteri Beach and it is located on the north side of Skopelos. Glysteri beach is small in size but great in beauty. That’s why several scenes from the Hollywood movie “Mamma Mia” were shot there. It’s a perfect beach for tranquility and isolation. The wonderful scenery is completed by the beach bar that is there, since most of the materials used are wooden.

Glisteri Beach on Skopelos island stands out for its unparalleled beauty. A rocky peninsula leads to a lush bay with pebbles and clear waters. Due to its location, Glisteri is protected by the winds. Besides the beach bar, there are umbrellas, sun loungers and showers on the beach. To get to the beach you will pass through a lovely picturesque olive grove.

Glysteri Beach is 4.2 km away from Skopelos Town and port. By car, you will arrive in about 10 minutes. Access to the beach is easy. Follow the regional road that leads to Skopelos Fortress. There are also boats that take the route from the port of the town.

Next to Glisteri you will also find the interesting Trypiti Cave. You will also find Villa Donna where there were many outdoor scenes of the movie “Mamma Mia“.

It is worth noting that at Glysteri beach until the early 1960s one of the oldest shipyards of Skopelos was in operation. Many islanders worked at the shipyard.

Moreover, from 2019 there is a modern beach bar in Glysteri beach. Glysteri beach bar is a modern ecological construction close to nature. It is the place to be, friendly staff and full of positive energy.

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