Ftelia and Neraki

Ftelia Neraki beach, next to Hovolo, is literally a a paradise on earth with crystal clear waters

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Ftelia Neraki beaches Skopelos

Skopelos Beaches

Ftelia Neraki Beach is well-organized and now has a beach bar and restaurant. These places take care of what visitors need, making sure they have a comfy and entertaining time during their stay in this beautiful spot.

Ftelia Neraki beach, as the beaches of Megalo Pefko, Ekatopenintari, and Ai Giannis Cave used to be accessible by boat only.

Starting from early July 2023, accessible via a dirt road, Ftelia or Neraki Beach is about 15 km from Skopelos town and port. Meanwhile, it takes around 20 minutes to drive there from the central town. Just follow the dirt road, and consequently, you’ll discover the beach bar after Kastani Beach.

If you’re coming from Glossa village, it takes about 15 minutes to get to Ftelia Beach. Specifically, the beach is located after Neo Klima ( Elios) village and Hovolo beach.

Furthermore, the dirt road offers a scenic route, providing an alternative way to reach your destination.

What makes Ftelia Neraki Beach unique is the pine trees that almost touch the sea, creating a captivating landscape.

Explore the greenest island in Greece, Skopelos! It’s well-known for its stunning beaches, where green meets blue. No matter which beach you choose, the crystal-clear turquoise waters are amazing. One of the most incredible hidden beaches is Ftelia Neraki Beach, located right next to Hovolo Beach. It’s like a little paradise with super clear water.


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Ftelia and Neraki