Ftelia and Neraki

Ftelia Neraki beach, next to Hovolo, is literally a a paradise on earth with crystal clear waters

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Ftelia Neraki beach

By Boat Skopelos Beaches

Welcome to the greenest island in Greece, Skopelos. Skopelos is famous mostly for its beautiful beaches. Specifically is the combination of green with blue. Therefore, whichever beach you go you will be thrilled by its turquoise crystal clear waters. One of the most astonishing secluded beaches is Ftelia Neraki beach. Ftelia Neraki beach is right next to Hovolo Beach. It is literally a small paradise on earth with crystal clear waters.

Ftelia Neraki beach, as the beaches of Megalo Pefko, Ekatopenintari, and Ai Giannis Cave are accessible by boat only. So, the beaches of Skopelos island belong to the category of the less crowded ones. Another fact that makes Ftelia Neraki beach stand out is the pine trees that almost reach the sea. This creates an enchanting landscape.

As already mentioned, Ftelia Neraki beach in Skopelos is not accessible by road as there is no path leading to it. You can either swim from Hovolo beach, it is easy as the water reaches up to your waist but you can not have your personal belongings. You can rent a boat from Elios, Panormos, or Skopelos town. There are several tourist offices on the island for renting a boat.

No matter the way you will visit this secluded beach, you will be thrilled by its natural beauty.

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