Keramoto Beach

Keramoto beach is a hidden paradise with turquoise waters surrounded by pine trees, near Glossa Village.

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Visit Skopelos and discover the hidden paradise of Keramoto beach. Swim in the crystal clear waters, enjoy the Greek sun and listen to nature.

Keramoto beach is near Glossa Village, between the beaches of  Simili and Mavraki.

This beach belongs to the category of beaches to discover. It is unorganized and not easy to approach. You may also have the chance to see Mediterranean seals.

You can reach Keramoto beach either on foot or by boat. Your journey starts at Glossa Village and specifically from the entrance of the village where the bus stop is. Walking on the east side of the road you will see a fountain. At this exact spot starts the footpath to Keramoto beach. It has a downward slope, walking through a magnificent virgin forest with a river flowing along it. The plane trees take the lead.

The other way is to reach Keramoto beach by the sea. If you do not have your own boat you can rent one on Skopelos island to discover the only by-boat beaches. There are several tourist offices on the island for renting a boat.

Skopelos is the greenest island of the Aegean since about 80% of the island is covered by virgin pine forests.

The special feature of Skopelos is its green beaches where the pines literally take root in the sea. There are popular beaches, famous beaches, beaches to discover, and beaches accessible only by boat. Keramoto is a beach definitely worth discovering.

The care and attention of all of us are necessary for the beautiful natural landscape of Skopelos to remain. We all need to respect the environment so that we can always admire the beauties of Skopelos Island. - Listing QR Code

Keramoto Beach