Road Network of Skopelos

The main road network of Skopelos extends over a 37 km long route. Starting from the southern part and Skopelos Town and ending in Loutraki, which is the second port of the island.

The road is asphalted. You need to be focused as there are several turns. The landscape with the pine forest is truly enchanting.

The main road line passes through most of the famous beaches of Skopelos (25 km). The first stop worth visiting is the picturesque cove of Agnontas (8km away from Chora) with the small majestic beach and the famous fish tavernas.

Then by taking a short detour from the ring road, you will reach one of the most beautiful beaches of Skopelos, Limnonari. The landscape is truly unique, with the pine forest embracing the beach. There is a restaurant as well as rooms to let.

Afterward, at a distance of 12 km. from Skopelos Port, you will encounter the magnificent bay of Panormos with the blue waters and the tavernas next to the waves. Then you will meet the famous beaches of Milia and Kastani.
The route continues with Elios or Neo Klima, a relatively new village, Old Klima and Glossa. The tour will be completed by following the main road to Loutraki, which is the second port of the island and the seaport town of Glossa.

There is another asphalt road that reduces the distance from the center of Skopelos to Glossa to 22 km. This route starts from the turnoff to Glisteri or from a higher paint in Pyrgos and reaches Neo Klima.

In order to enjoy the beauties of Skopelos island, it is better to have a car or a motorbike. In any other case, you will have to rent a car. You can also use the local buses to visit the famous beaches of Skopelos.

During the summer season, buses to and from Skopelos are quite frequent. Especially in June, July and August there are buses almost every hour.
The taxi rank, as well as the bus station, is located right next to the port exit, where there is a timetable with the bus routes to inform visitors.

Kilometric distances from Skopelos Town