Glossa Village

A picturesque town on the northwest side of Skopelos Island with traditional architecture

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Glossa is a small town perched on the northwest side of Skopelos Island. It is a picturesque village with traditional architecture. The houses of Glossa are primarily two-storey buildings with ceramic roofs and wooden balconies.

It has beautiful views of the Aegean Sea, the island of Skiathos and in the back you can faintly see PIlio. Glossa and the area surrounding Glossa has a lot of olive groves, almond trees and plum trees. It also has a lot of fresh-water springs. There is a rare species of goats named “Glosses” that roam on the cliffs of Glossa which has been known for the quality of the wool they produced.

In the center of Glossa village the main church Koimiseos tis Theotokou is special, because of its unique bell tower. Furthermore, Glossa has got a Folklore Museum where you can observe local culture.

It is about a 24 km drive from the main port of Skopelos to Glossa. If you would prefer to drive on the more scenic coastal road through Panormos, Agnontas and Stafilos be prepared to spend about 45 minutes in the car.

Glossa Village, on Skopelos island, is an excellent choice for visitors. Since there are many hotels, studios and apartments and pansions for a pleasant stay. Moreover, someone will find a lot of taverns and restaurants for having lunch or dinner. Not to mentioned the cafes and the bars for extra entertainment during holidays season.

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