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The green Skopelos island is a blessed place. Since it has agricultural and fishing production. Traditional products of Skopelos have international reputation. Furthermore some of them are exported.

The most popular local products of Skopelos are the following : cheese pie, plums, olive oil, honey,  traditional almonds and nuts sweets (hamalia, rozedes) and wine.


The twisted cheese pie of Skopelos has crunchy pastry and delicious goat’s milk cheese. Unlike other pies it is fried. Traditional skopelos cheese pie is famous. The simplicity of the  ingredients is remarkable. The secret of the fantastic flavour is in the production of the pastry with the rolling pin, the authentic goat cheese and the right frying pan.


Even in the Ancient Times the inhabitants of Skopelos used to produce and drink wine. In fact, in antiquity Skopelos official name was Peparithos and the wine Peparithos Wine. Nowadays people of Skopelos keep the traditional procedures and with the same passion cultivate vines and produce wine.


The excellent quality Skopelos plums has been producing for over two centuries. In the local kitchen you will find plums in many versions. For example, in main dishes cooked with meat, in sweets, in spoon sweets (avgato), in jams, desserts, dried and liqueurs.


Skopelos honey is organic.  The beekeepers continue to use traditional wooden beehives to raise bees. Moreover, Skopelos has the best conditions for the production of quality honey. Since, that island has a clean and lush environment.


Skopelos produces also excellent quality low-acid extra virgin olive oil and amazing olives. Skopelos olive trees are similar with the one on Pelion Mountain.


The traditional sweets of Skopelos are hamalia (made of almonds) and rozedes (made of nuts). Furthermore, they make wonderful spoon sweets with fruits.



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