Pork with Plums

Pork with plums is a classic delicious dish of Skopelos cuisine

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The plums of Skopelos have an international reputation. The climate and geography of Skopelos are suitable for their cultivation. The varieties vary as well as their wonderful flavors.

The excellent quality Skopelos plums has been producing for over two centuries. In the local cuisine you will find plums in many versions. Since, housewives use them not only to make delicious sweets but also in cooking.

People in Skopelos refers to their plums as “prunes”.

A traditional recipe for local Skopelos cuisine is pork with plums.


1 kg pork leg (cut into large bites)
15-20 dried plums without seeds
a glass of orange juice
a shot brandy
2 onions
a tablespoon of tomato paste
2-3 tablespoons mustard
Salt Pepper


  • Put the plums in a bowl with the brandy and orange juice. For best results, let’s do it from last night.
  • Cut the onions and sauté them together with the pork in the pot.
  • Then add the mustard and tomato paste. (when we sauté it, it releases all its aromas).
  • Let it boil for two or three minutes to soften the pork.
  • Add the plums along with their juice.
  • Add salt and pepper.
  • And finally let it simmer.

A smart tip is to get a few plums and put them in multi  with water to create a delicious sauce.

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