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En Plo Cafe is centrally located on Skopelos Beach. In fact, it is opposite Skopelos Port. Cafe En Plo is a modern café overlooking the endless sea. Moreover, in the cafeteria, you can enjoy either your morning coffee or your evening drink.

Furthermore, En Plo Cafe, on Skopelos Beach, is open from early in the morning until late at night. Therefore, you can have both coffee and a cocktail. Additionally, you can accompany your morning cafe with a hearty breakfast. The staff is polite and willing to serve you in the best possible way.

The menu in En Plo Cafe offers many choices and dishes. So, you can enjoy there either your lunch or your dinner. First of all, there is a variety of sandwiches, such as club sandwiches and baguettes of various flavors. Secondly, on the menu, there are cool salads with fresh vegetables, such as the chef’s or chicken salad.

Of course, traditional food of Skopelos is also served, such as Skopelos cheese pie. Omelets and pasta are also served. If you prefer sweet tastes, you should definitely try waffles with chocolate!

En Plo Cafe is just opposite of Skopelos Port. You can have your morning coffee and then either go to one of the beautiful beaches of Skopelos or stroll through the alleys of picturesque Chora. Of course, you can always come back for a cocktail, a snack, or a full meal.




Skopelos 370 03 EN PLO, Σκόπελος, Ελλάδα
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