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Follow the amazing sea excursion to explore Skopelos Island and Northern Sporades

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Sea Excursions on Skopelos island

Skopelos Island is famous for its enchanting beaches, its blue-green waters, and its stunning natural contrasts. Moreover, it is well known as the blue-green island.

Guests with a boat can visit the distant  beaches and make a trip to Alonissos. The rest can rent a boat or follow some of the sea excursions organized on the island.

The Dolphin of Skopelos

Tel.: +30 6932 071479, +30 24240  29191


The tourist office Dolphin of Skopelos offers the following daily sea excursions:

  • BBQ Sailing Trip:

A truly magical excursion on “Lilly Boat” and the unique company of Juan Zerolo. Departure is at 9.00 am from the  port of Skopelos to Alonissos and the Marine Park area, and once a week there is an excursion to Skiathos. The return is at 18.00 in the afternoon and the price is € 75 a day per person, with lunch and  drink.

Breakfast includes coffee, tea,  bread with jam and honey, as well as chocolate  drink, while the meal is a BBQ (steak, sausages, chicken). Guests can  drink wine, ouzo, or raki.


  • Sail Boat “Planitis”:

The “Planitis” is a wooden sailboat that makes excursions in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

The final destination is Alonissos and the Marine Park area. Departure is at 10.00 am from the  port of Skopelos and the return is scheduled for 18.00 in the afternoon.

The program includes a visit to the Marine Park, a swim at Agios Dimitrios Beach in Alonissos, a meal on board, and free two hours for a walk-in Alonissos.

  • Aegean Paradise Cruise:

The “Gorgona” café organizes excursions to the Marine Park every Sunday and Wednesday. The departure is early in the morning from the  port of Skopelos and the program includes a visit to the Kyra Panagia monastery, a swim at the beach of Agios Dimitrios, and a walk at Patitiri in the Chora of Alonissos.

Prices are 49 euro for adults and 33 euro for children with the price including lunch.

Those who choose this excursion will also enjoy the tales of Captain Paki and relax in a cool atmosphere.


Tel.: +30 +30 6974949635



Alexandros X Cruises offers private Skopelos and Sporades boat tours. Alexandros boat has a capacity of up to 25 persons on a daily tour while it can accommodate up to 7 people for a multi-day tour to the Northern Sporades Islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos). The boat features all the necessary equipment. There is also a 7-bed cabin as well as 2 WCs. Alexandros X Cruises promises a comfortable stay and unforgettable memories while exploring the magical beaches of the Sporades Islands.

Sporades Queen i:

Tel.: +30 6975954320



The Sporades Queen is a day-trip excursion to Alonissos as well as the Northern Sporades National Marine Park. Departure is from the  port of Skopelos.

The specific boat offers a glass bottom.

There are two types of cruises.

The first one is in the Alonissos Marine Park while the second is a sunset boat trip to Alonissos.


Tel.: +30 6932430010


Fedra Cruises organizes magnificent daily sea trips to the Northern Sporades.

Visitors have the option of a private or semi-private boat daily cruise.

The usual route is from Skopelos to Alonissos, the Marine Park as well as the uninhabited island of Peristera. The boat has a capacity of 12 people. The preferred time for a boat trip is 10:30 am to 19:00 pm.

For more information visit and contact:


Tel.: +30 694 919 8461


The ENA boat also organizes excellent daily trips to the Northern Sporades, from Skopelos to Alonissos, the Marine Park, and Peristera islet. The boat has a capacity of 11 guests


Tel: +30 6946277250, +30 24240 22900


Skopelos Tours organizes 2 types of sea excursions giving you the opportunity to experience the Northern Sporades and admire the lush landscapes.

The first one is in the Alonissos Marine Park while the second is a sunset boat trip to Alonissos. - Listing QR Code

Sea Excursions