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To the left of the harbor of Skopelos, on the coastal street is the elegant restaurant “Para Thin ‘Alos”. In fact, the tables are literally on the beach. Moreover, the view of the blue sea is stunning, to say the least.

Seaside Restaurant offers to its guest excellent service and very polite, friendly staff. Furthermore, the restaurant features an idyllic setting that allows you to enjoy your dinner at its best. The tastes are based on the Greek tradition and made with genuine fresh local ingredients but with a more creative view.

The restaurant offers classic and original dishes. Meat grilled to order, seafood, deliciously cooked dishes, and fresh salads. Additionally, you should also taste the melt in the mouth pork, the goat in lemon sauce, the delicious chicken with mastiha as well as the stunning eggplant milfoil. Actually, there are many different choices of new flavors.

The view, which is offered by the Seaside Restaurant, in the blue sea of Skopelos Island, is at least stunning. Especially at sunset, combined with the sea, the view simply takes your breath away. The Restaurant is ideal for romantic dinners and more.

Skopelos 370 03 SEASIDE RESTAURANT, Skopelos, Greece
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