The weather in Skopelos

The climate of Skopelos can generally be described as mild.

The summer is dry and warm, but the heat is not unbearable – except for a few exceptions- due to the many forests that this beautiful island has. The hottest months in Skopelos are July and August, with the second month also being the driest month of the year.

Visitors should be aware that during the summer months there are also some short showers that make the debris from the pine forest end up on the green beaches on the south and west side of the island. Also, because of the meltemia of August (high winds), the nights in Skopelos can be cool, so visitors should be prepared with some sweaters.

The winter on the island is moderate and rainy. December and January are considered wet months while the second is also the coldest of the year. In Skopelos, it does not snow often. But when this happens – the latest example in January 2017 – the sight is unique as the snow covers the seashores.

Autumn on the island is considered cool while the spring is rainy. With the wettest season of this year from September to February. The average annual rainfall is 749.2 mm and the average temperature is 20.2 degrees Celsius.

The winds on the island are mostly north-northeastern and are due in the summer to the meltemia. In winter to the central European counter-cylinders.