Ceramics - Pottery in Skopelos is an art with long history on the island.

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The lush Skopelos is famous for many things. The majestic beaches, the green landscapes, the traditional costume, the delicious skopelitiki cheese pie but also for the culture and the arts.

Ceramics in Skopelos or Pottery in Skopelos is an art with which Skopelos has a long history.

Ceramics in Skopelos is an integral part of the island’s culture. Families of well-known ceramists have so far maintained the traditional style that made ceramics popular. The tradition of pottery in Skopelos remains alive.

Speaking historically, pottery appeared in Skopelos shortly before the change of the 19th century. Just a few years before we entered 1900, a potter from Sifnos came and settled on Skopelos. His name was Chrysofos.

Pottery in Skopelos was established when the Rodiou family left Kythnos and settled permanently.
Rodiou family is the best known in Skopelos for the tradition and the continuation of the profession of the potter.

There is even a handwritten letter, from 1931, by the Prime Minister of Greece of that date Eleftherios Venizelos to the potter Nikos Rodios. In this letter, Venizelos congratulates the refined work of Nikos Rodios.

Skopelos is an island with culture. There are also museums that prove it with their excellent exhibits.
The arts and local artists in Skopelos try to keep the tradition alive by marrying it with the trends of the time. Tradition, arts, and culture are imbued with the island’s culture. There are still pottery workshops in Skopelos.

Apart from the Rodios family, (Rodios Nikos, Rodiou Magda) other important potters in Skopelos are Liz Magi, Markou Dimitra, and Markou Elena. You will also find wonderful traditional ceramic products in the local market of Skopelos.

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