National Holidays

Greece celebrates two great national holidays - anniversaries.

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Greece as a country has suffered from the Turkish yoke and the second world war. Greeks have always protected and loved their homeland. Faithful to Orthodoxy and the customs and traditions of their place surpassed themselves in order to remain free. Greece celebrates two great national holidays – anniversaries. National Holidays Skopelos are celebrated with a strong feeling of faith and love for the homeland.

On October 28, the heroic “NO” is celebrated in enslavement by the Italians. On October 28, 1940, Ioannis Metaxas refused to surrender Greece. “NO” was solemnly accepted by the Greek people.

March 25 marks the liberation from the Turkish yoke that has plagued Greeks for 400 years. In fact, the 25th of March is considered a double holiday since at the same time the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary is celebrated. It is a double celebration for Greece and Orthodoxy.

One of the customs of the 25 of March is that greeks cook and eat salt cod and garlic dip.

All over Greece, as well as in Skopelos, these days are an official holiday.
From end to end, in all parts of the country, Greeks proudly celebrate their heroism. They decorate the streets with Greek flags. Students in all parts of Greece parade to honor their ancestors who bravely fought.
In Skopelos, the flag bearers and the attendants wear the traditional costumes of their place. The rest are dressed in national costumes or in white and blue, that is, the colors of the Greek flag.
The student parade takes place in three central points. On the beach of Chora of Skopelos, in the village of Neo Klima, and in the village of Glossa.
After the parade, the people start to dance traditional dances.