Evangelistria Monastery

The Monastery is situated on the hillside of Palouki Mountain having a magnificent view while looking as a fortress, since it has been connected with pirates’ raids.

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The Monastery of Evangelismos is on the hillside of Palouki Mountain having a magnificent view. While looking like a fortress, since it has been connected with pirates’ raids. You can reach, it,  by car or even on foot although it is an uphill road to get there. Monastery Evangelistria is about 4 km away from Skopelos Chora. It is Nunnery.

It was built in 1712 above the ruins of the oldest byzantine monastery since 1676 from Hatzis – Stefanis Daponte, father of Kaisarios Daponte. Furthermore, it belongs to Xiropotamos monastery of Mount Athos.

In the atrium, there is a fountain in the name of Kaisarios Daponte some silverware and relics.

In the inner monastery, there are priceless icons of Byzantine and post-Byzantine areas. Moreover, the iconostasis is being covered by actual gold leafs while it was made by a workshop in Konstantinopolis. The decoration was mainly plants’ and animals’ images as well as scenes from the Old and New Testament.

Of particular interest is the icon of Our Lady of the Annunciation of 1683.

The monastery had always a connection with the Daponte family, even nowadays, especially regarding its establishment and acme period.

The owner was specifically his father Hatzis – Stefanis John the ‘’erudite’’. He renovated the old monastery at his own expense and gave it its current form. The reason for the renovation was the miracle. Although the locals handed him over to the Aga he did not lose his life.

There is another version where two unknown monks handed a picture to Stefanos Daponte telling him that they would return to get it. The strangers disappeared quite sometime after the Virgin appeared to the prince asking to build a monastery in her honor.

Then Hatzis – Stefanis, like his son Caesar later, held the office of Consul of England.
In the monastery, there is a Patriarchal sigil of 1804 with two lead seals.

The monastery celebrates on March 25. Double celebration for Greece and Orthodoxy for the liberation from the Turkish yoke and for the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.

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