Skopelos Town (Chora)

Skopelos town, also known as Chora, is a traditional small town on the north of the island

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Skopelos town, also known as Chora, is a traditional small town on the north of the island. The town or the capital of Skopelos has declared a traditional settlement.  It is built amphitheatrically and extends from the castle ( Kastro) down to the port. At the edge of Chora, you can see the popular church Panagitsa of Pyrgos, above Plaka Beach. From the Chora of Skopelos, the islands of Alonissos and Ai Giorgis can be seen.

The houses are tightly one next to the other creating a maze of cobbled streets. Among them, numerous small churches signify the devotion of the people to their religion. Peeking through the white walls you will see lovely groomed courtyards. Bougainvillea and geraniums give color to the walkways and paths.

The color and picturesqueness of Skopelos Town this traditional settlement  will surely enchant you. Its beauty is seductive.


Skopelos Town has been declared a traditional settlement. Mainly because of the picturesque beauty. It deservedly received the title in 1978 with a presidential decree (19/10/78 presidential decree 594, 13-11 / 78). The architecture of Chora has remained unchanged over time. The capital of the island of Skopelos emerges as a manorial presence.


The architecture of the houses of Chora is amazing. To be precise there is an alloy of different architectural influences. In Chora, you will find various types of houses that are all remarkable. There are houses whose architecture is influenced by the Venetians, others that have influences from the region of Pelion and Macedonia, and of course neoclassical houses.

The shutters of the windows are all shades of brown though now lately many owners are painting them with more bright colors such as greens and blues. The interiors of the houses are decorated with ornate furniture and porcelains brought by sailors from their voyages.

The architecture of the house is one of the trademarks of Skopelos Capital which is a traditional settlement.


If you want to get the full effect of the beauty and uniqueness of Skopelos Chora as well as enjoy breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea all you have to do is walk uphill from the church of Panagitsa of Pyrgos (Tower of Panagitsa) which is at the end of the port towards the castle. On your way, you will be able to observe all these beautiful things and truly realize why Skopelos town is such an amazing place. All the way you will enjoy the stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

Another pleasant route starts from Pigadaki and reaches again to the Venetian Castle.

Skopelos Town has countless picturesque alleys, the secret to never getting lost is just to get off one of them and you will reach the port!


The beautiful town of Skopelos is perhaps the only town that has two beaches. The Ammos and the Plaka.

Ammos Beach is located to the left of the port of Skopelos. This is an organized beach that has umbrellas and sunbeds, but also beach volleyball. The beach is sandy and with shallow waters.

Plaka Beach is located at the other end of the port, below the church Panagitsa of Pyrgos. It is not an organized beach and has large pebbles.

Agios Konstantinos – Glyfoneri Beach is located behind Skopelos Town, at a distance of only 2.6 km. Behind Chora is the beach Glysteri, a distance of 4.2 km, which also has a beach bar.

Leaving Chora there are two roads to follow. If you continue left you pass the old road that leads you to the beaches of Stafylos, Velanio, Limnonari, and Agnontas. If you turn right, follow the short road of Agios Riginos that leads you to the beaches of Panormos, Andrina, Milia, Kastani, Neo KlimaElios and Loutraki, and the village of Glossa.


There are two ports in Skopelos Town. The Old Port, which is protected, and the new Port, where all ships and catamarans dock. The boats that travel to Skopelos are the conventional ships PROTEUS and SYMI of the company ANES FERRIES, the conventional ship EXPRESS SKIATHOS and the catamaran FLYING CAT 5 of the company BLUE STAR FERRIES, the catamaran ship of the company SEA JETS, the flying dolphin of AEGEAN FLYING DOLPHINS company and ACHILLEAS ship of the company SKYROS LINES.

The above itineraries refer to the lines Mantoudi Evia – Skopelos, Volos – Skopelos, Agios Konstantinos- Skopelos, Thessaloniki-Skopelos, and Kymi – Skopelos.

Opposite both ports, there are tourist ticket agencies. There are also cafes and taverns in both ports.

The taxi and local bus stops are just to the left of the new port. A few meters away is the municipal parking lot of Chora.

Above the old port is Panagitsa of Pyrgos just opposite the jetty (blocks).


The Venetian castle dominates the upper part of Chora. Right next door is “Anatoli”. The tavern of the famous rebetis George Xintaris. Yorgos together with his two talented sons, also musicians, Antonis and Theodoris give you unforgettable music nights with traditional rebetika notes.

You can get there on foot following the route from Panagitsa of Pyrgos or inside from the picturesque alleys. If you want to go by road, all you have to do is follow the ring road.


At the big turn, before you take the direction for the “Anatoli” of George Xintaris, there is a road that goes to the left. From there, the old road to Raches, Ananias, Elios, and Sentoukia essentially starts.

In Raches and Ananias, the Skopelites have their kalivia (huts). The huts essentially locate themselves near their estates, which typically feature vines, olives, and plums.

Skopelos’ vineyards and wine hold renown since ancient times, and the Olympian god Dionysus favors the famous Peparithios Wine as his preferred drink.


Skopelos Island is famous for its many churches. To be precise, there are 360 ​​temples on the island. If they mean all the bells at the same time, they will be heard on Mount Athos.

There are 123 churches and chapels in Chora, some of which are even private. There are 15 monasteries located regionally in Chora.

Some of the most famous churches of Chora are Panagitsa of Pyrgos, the church of the Nativity of Christ, which is also the metropolitan church, Faneromeni, Panagia Eleftherotria, Agios Athanasios, Papameletiou, etc.

At the edge of the port, the road continues to the monasteries on Mount Palouki. There are the Monastery of Evangelistria, the Holy Monastery of Sotiros, the Monastery of Agia Varvara, Timios Prodromos, and Pano Panagia. As well as the Monastery of Agioi Taxiarches and Agia Anna.

Other well-known monasteries in Chora are the Holy Monastery of Evangelismos and Agios Riginos. The latter is also the patron saint of the island.


The Folklore Museum of Chora is housed in the mansion of the Nikolaidis family, who donated the building to the municipality of Skopelos in 1991. In the middle of the port, some alleys go up to the Folklore Museum of Skopelos. The Museum is very close to the OTE building.

Vakratsa Mansion is located in the neighborhood of Agios Michael, very close to the Town beach. It is a three-story building that fully reflects the era of the 18th century. Mrs. Antigoni Vakratsa donated the mansion to the Municipality of Skopelos to function as a museum.

The house of Pavlos Nirvana is housed in a traditional two-story building in the center of Chora specifically in the area of ​​ Agios Ioannis, next to it is the church of the Three Hierarchs.

In the area of ​​Livadi or Ampeliki, to the right of the port, you will have the opportunity to admire the Asclepieion of Peparithos. The archeological site of Asklepieio is particularly important, as it is likely to be the oldest find in the Aegean.

The Skopelos Photographic Center operates as a museum and exhibition space in Skopelos and the Sporades. Among other things, it has hosted works by well-known foreign photographers Robert Capa, Herbert List, and Josef Koudelka., but also by the Greeks Costas Balafa, Dimitris Letsios, Vassilis Manikakis, Spyros Meletzis, Emilio Serafis, and Takis Tloupas. The photography center was founded in 1995 and is located at the beginning of the ring road in Chora.


Skopelos Town provides all the necessary services for the comfort of your vacation. Supermarkets, health centers, pharmacies, post offices, banks, and of course ATMs.


In Skopelos Town, there is ONLY a physical bank branch, of the National Bank of Greece. The National Bank also has 2 ATMs. One is located in the store and the other in KAPI Skopelos in the old port.

There are also 1 ATM of Piraeus Bank (on Doulidou Street behind the pizzeria Pizza Square), 1 ATM of ALPHA BANK (at the exit of the new port, at Eleni Hotel), and 1 ATM of Eurobank (in the new port very close to Karavia Cafe).

The post office is located on the main street of Doulidou. Apart from ELTA in Chora, there are offices of the courier services companies ACS, GENIKI TACHIDROMIKI, and SPEEDEX.

The Town Hall is located in the old port of Skopelos Chora, just below the famous rock (vrachos cafe bar) of Chora.

  • Skopelos Port Authority: +30 24240 22180
  • Skopelos Town Hall: +30 24243 50101
  • KEP Skopelos: +30 24240 29064
  • Skopelos KTEL: +30 24240 22900
  • NBG National Bank of Greece: +30 24240 22396

health Center

The health center of the island is located just 1 km from the port.

  • Skopelos Health Center: +30 24240 22222

In Skopelos Chora, on the ring road, there is also the private polyclinic Asclepieion of Sporades.

  • Asclepieion of Sporades: +30 24240 24500
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