Fried Calamari

Fried calamari is one of the most popular dishes during your Greek holidays

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Skopelos recipes offer a wide selection of fish and seafood dishes, such as fried calamari. The Mediterranean cuisine is well known for creating exquisite dishes made with seafood. Skopelos island offers great fishing experiences presenting the best fresh fish the sea provides.

The following dusky grouper fish stew recipe is from the restaurants of Adrina Hotels. Visit Adrina TavernaAdrina Lunch Restaurant and  Adrina Dinner Restaurant for a unique gastronomy experience.

Adrina’s fried calamari is one of the best Skopelos recipes and a must for those that have not tasted this dish yet.


1 kg of squid

For panning:

1 liter of milk, juice of 2-3 lemons, 250gr. butter and melted garlic

About 1 kg of flour, salt and pepper

as many eggs as needed

For the sauce: white roe, onions, eggs, lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil

For frying: 2 cups oil


  • First of all we clean the calamari and cut it into thick rings.
  • Then we mix milk and lemon and soak in buttermilk with a bit of garlic. We let in rest for a couple of hours.
  • In another bowl we mix flour, salt, pepper.
  • In a third bowl we beat eggs.
  • Then, we remove the calamari rings from the buttermilk and dip it into beaten egg, and after that with the flour mix.
  • In a deep fryer set at over 320C 360 C we add filled with 2 cups of oil (500 ml) and fry the calamari rings until their colour turns brown (3-5 minutes).
  • While waiting for the calamari rings to get fried, we create a unique sauce mixing in a bowl preserved white fish roe, onions, eggs, lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil.
  • Finally, we place the sauce on the plate and then put the rings on top, before sprinkling with salt and pepper.

It is natural for fried calamari to be one of the most popular dishes during your Greek holidays. The taste of the Mediterranean is experienced via every bite. Try it out today to fully understand why Skopelos recipes are unique.

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