Greek (Choriatiki) Salad

Greek salad is full of colour, flavor and the pleasures of the greek summer

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Holidaying in Skopelos means tasting the traditional Greek (Choriatiki) salad. As Greek salad is the legend of Greek cuisine.

Greek salad , fair enough, is one of the most popular dishes in Greek gastronomy and perhaps one of the most distinctive and healthy salad choices of the Mediterranean.

In recent years Greek salad appears in restaurant menus in all kinds of versions, yet in all of them you will find the delicious topping: the famous feta cheese –sometimes in little cubes or in one big slice. This salad is often enjoyed as a first course yet many Skopelos guests enjoy it as a main meal during lunch or dinner.

Enjoy your traditional greek salad at the restaurants of Adrina Hotels.

Read here Adrina’s horiatiki salad recipe. Do not forget to accompany greek salad with fresh bread.


3 tomatoes
1 cucumber
1 green pepper
one red onion preferably medium
black olives
250g feta cheese
extra virgin olive oil
fragrant oregano
salt, pepper


  • We cut the tomatoes in thin slices.
  • Then we cut the cucumber in smaller slices and the green pepper.
  • Cutting the onion is next.
  • We place all vegetables in a plate and add the olives.
  • We place the feta cheese on top and then add delicious extra virgin olive oil.
  • Finally we add some salt and pepper and oregano on top of it all.



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