Palio Klima Village

Palio Klima has breathtaking views of the Aegean

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Palio Klima (Old Klima) village, on Skopelos island, is a picturesque, peaceful place. Many people claim that at Palio Klima (Old Klima) you will enjoy the most stunning sunset ever on Skopelos island. Palio Klima village has breathtaking views of the Aegean. Also, many people love the climate of Palio Klima as well as the variety of wild fruit trees that exist there.

Furthermore, Palio Klima (Old Klima) is the old village of Elios – Neo Klima. It is located between Glossa and Elios- Neo Klima. Specifically, it is just seven minutes down the road from Elios-Neo Klima towards the port of Glossa, Loutraki. If you are coming from Skopelos Town it will be an approximate 35-minute drive, since it is about 24 km away.

Back in 1965, an earthquake create serious damage to that beautiful village.  As a result, most of the residents abandoned their homes and moved to Elios – Neo Klima village on Skopelos island. It was until 1981, that the houses started to renovate and life returned to the Palio Klima village.

Glossa residents built Palio Klima in the 18th century. Moreover, until 1950 the village was divided into two districts. You can not enter the village by car.  Palio Klima village has maintained mainly its traditional architecture. The houses are stone-built with wooden balconies. The view is incredible, you can see over the Aegean Sea, Glossa, Loutraki, and Skiathos.  Nowadays, only 43 permanent residents live in the village.

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Palio Klima Village