Mavraki beach is an enchanting beach on the NE side of Skopelos, accessible only by sea.

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This spectacular beach, Mavraki beach skopelos, is in the northern east side of Skopelos Island. To be more specific Mauraki beach skopelos is located between Agios Ioannis beach and Pethamenis beach and near Spilia Beach.

The area there can be characterized as wild beauty. It is a rocky beach with deep waters. The cliffs in combination with the green and white pebbles creates a majestic landscape. In fact, you can’t imagine there are so many shades of green until you visit this amazing beach.

Mavraki beach skopelos greece  belongs to the beaches that you can reach only by sea. It is accessible only by boat since there is not a path to walk in the land. Therefore, if you wish to visit Mavraki beach, you should have your own boat or rent one. The majestic landscape will certainly take your breath away.

Some useful information for rent a boat in Skopelos. If you do not have your own boat you can rent one on Skopelos island to discover the only by boat beaches. There are two tourist office for renting a boat. The maestrale rent a boat and the wind boat.  On the other hand, if you do have your own, everything you need you will find it on the boat stores of the island.

Mavraki beach on Skopelos island has access only by boat. However, before you decide to visit it you should first check carefully the weather conditions. In case of north winds it is not very safe to try to reach Mavraki beach. Actually it is real difficult.

Mauraki beach skopelos is an isolated beach. Being there remember not to leave any trash behind you. Think green , protect the Greek natural beauties.